Jenkins Law Greatest Hits: Thanks for the 5 Star Reviews!


You know, it feels good to be appreciated, right? A little recognition here and there for the hard-working lawyers that we are here at Jenkins Law PL.

The long hours, the countless cups of coffee, the preparation, perseverance, and paperwork.

But hey, we love what we do, and we always get there in the end. People come to us, full of stress and worry, often on the worst day of their lives. 

Some days we roll up our sleeves and start a battle with an insurance giant if someone who needs our help is struggling to make a claim after a fire, flood, or hurricane has damaged their precious home.

Other days, we work with clients to get them the compensation that they deserve and need following a personal injury or car accident that has caused an immeasurable physical, financial, and emotional strain. 

Honestly? When we meet people in these situations, we simply do our best.

Our team has our back

So, it’s lovely to take a minute to reflect on the thanks that follow a job well done. Just a minute, mind you. Kelly-Ann has to represent a victim of a personal injury in court following an accident, and Jim is due to meet a homeowner who’s distressed over an insurance claim. 

However, it’s our team that deserves the most praise. They’re truly an exceptional bunch who do so much good in the community, and we’re proud to say “they’re with us.”

So, without further ado, let’s celebrate our positive reviews:

Awesome attorneys who take the time to listen to you and help you solve your issue! I can’t recommend them enough!”

 – you’re welcome, Nicole E., always happy to listen.

Very professional attorneys with a wonderful, dedicated staff to support you through tough or happy times! Highly recommended!!” – Well said, Jessica L. because we’re here for the good days and the bad ones.

Very responsive lawyers, dedicated to serving their clients.” 

– that makes us proud, Sam C., because we love our ‘lil community.

Double J Jimmy Jenkins. The greatest attorney in the history of attorneys!”

 – Um, waitress? Yes, we will have whatever Erik S. is having. Ahem. 

“Highly recommend this amazing group of lawyers and staff. I needed assistance when I got in a minor accident for which I was found at fault and received a ticket. My record was clean, and I didn’t want the points. Jenkins Law was able to fight the points and even appeared in court for me. They are extremely responsive and treat you like family! They are heavily involved in the community which is an added bonus for someone like me that works in the non-profit world and is all about giving back. Thank you, Jenkins Law, for making this process incredibly easy for my busy life.”

– to Stephanie V. we say, “we have a little something in our eye. We’re not crying.”

We couldn’t have done it without you

Let’s hear it for those five-star reviews and testimonials, we’re feeling so pumped we could go for a sell-out, greatest hits world tour right about now. Let’s hear it for our rock star team. Let’s hear for our clients – for their bravery, their courage, and their faith in us. 

To all of our reviewers, you’ve made our day. Keep them coming. We’re delighted to be the lawyers in your corner that you’d recommend to a friend, and we’re giving ourselves a big old pat on the back.