Personalized Service when You’ve suffered a Personal Injury

Personalized Service when You’ve suffered a Personal Injury


Anyone who has had the misfortune to suffer a personal injury will tell you how stressful it was. And often, in addition to the trauma of the event itself, the stress that they’re referring to is having to deal with the aftermath: the insurance claim. Being treated like just a number by the insurance company or worse still, the legal firm that is supposed to be helping, adds salt to the wound.  

Cookie-cutter free zone

We do things differently. While most law firms have a cookie-cutter attitude to dealing with victims of personal injury, one thing you’ll never hear us say is “thank you, next!”

Understanding the seriousness of your personal injury is essential. We get it: you’ve been through an event such as a road traffic accident or a bicycle collision. No doubt you’re upset, in pain, and maybe even seriously wounded. 

But it’s so much more than that. You’re anxious about medical expenses, and you’re worried about the loss of income. You’re stressing about meeting those family and business commitments. You’re fretting about bills. You’re dealing with pain and suffering. Will your compensation be adequate? Or will someone brush you aside, tell you to take a ticket, and wait for someone to call you back? 

Read our lips: Not. Good. Enough. 

The last thing you need right now is to be put on hold and wait, unsure what’s going on exactly, or where your claim stands right now. You need to be in the loop, and up to date on every development each step of the way.

Our personal promise for a personal service

Find someone you trust to handle the personal details of your personal injury claim. Someone competent, experienced, professional, and caring. Then put your compensation firmly in their hands. Choose wisely, because you deserve the best. After all, why should you suffer because of someone’s negligent behavior or careless mistake? 

At Jenkins Law PL, our goal is to stand up for you, while making sure that you get the best possible personal service. We’re friendly, approachable, capable, and genuine. 

Think of it this way. We love the look and feel of a tailored suit- it fits so much better than an off-the-rack garment. So, why shouldn’t your claim also be tailor-made? We treat all personal injury claims in an individualized manner. That’s because each circumstance differs. Once we understand your situation, we tailor a legal strategy built around these important individual details. 

We pride ourselves on keeping you informed. Because we believe in communication, our team works together to make sure you’re updated throughout the entire process, leaving no stone unturned. Why? Because we care.

Our team of legal experts was so motivated when we read this client testimonial:

“I had a wonderful experience in having Jenkins Law represent me in an auto accident. Not only were Kelly Ann and Jim extremely knowledgeable and communicative, but Lauren in the office was excellent at updating me and answering my questions along the way. They truly worked together as a team for a great outcome for my case.”

We believe that your time is precious. Don’t let anyone waste it. You’re juggling your recovery and your daily responsibilities. Let’s make a promise: you concentrate on getting your life back on track and let us concentrate on your legal claim. We handle a variety of claims, we’re ready for your call.