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If you have suffered an injury due to a car accident, Jenkins Law P.L. can help. Our car accident lawyer in St Petersburg FL understands what you are going through, and we are here to help you navigate the complicated legal maze. A car accident can result in egregious medical bills, lost wages, and considerable pain. You do not have to be alone in your quest to obtain compensation. Our St Pete car accident attorney can take on claims and lawsuit processes so you can focus on improving your health.

Why Florida Auto Accidents Are Unique

In Florida, some unique rules and regulations burden the insurance claims process. It is often an uphill battle to recover damages. Our St Petersburg car accident lawyer is very knowledgeable in Florida automobile accident laws. We have handled an abundance of car accident cases, so you can rest easy knowing our attorneys are qualified to handle the unique challenges presented by your case.

To help victims of car accidents, many people turn to an experienced St Pete car accident attorney to pursue an injury claim against any and all parties. Although it takes more effort to find a Florida car accident injury settlement, it can help you pay for medical bills, lost wages, and other out-of-pocket costs, as well as compensate for your pain and suffering. Are you looking for a accident attorney in St Petersburg?

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The Types of Damages That You Can Claim in a Settlement

The value of your accident and the damages you are able to recover will depend on your particular case. This is why it is important to speak with a Florida auto accident lawyer as soon as possible following an accident. In general, however, you can recover economic, non-economic, and punitive damages in a personal injury settlement.

Economic damages are quantifiable amounts such as medical bills, lost wages, and other costs.

Non-economic damages are amounts that have no actual or numerical “price”, but have a significant impact on the victim’s life. These could include the suffering suffered by the victim, scarring or disfigurement, loss of earning capacity (if injuries prevent the victim from returning to the same job or work at all), and future medical expenses (if injuries are permanent).

A jury or judge may award punitive damages if the defendant (the person who caused the accident) displayed gross negligence or intentional misconduct. This is reckless behavior that the court seeks to punish to prevent similar acts in the future. These are often used in drunk driving cases.


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Why Should I Hire a St. Petersburg Car Accident Lawyer?

After your accident, you can seek legal assistance. A car accident attorney in St Petersburg will help you to simplify the process and answer all your questions. St Pete auto accident lawyers do more than just handle communication with insurance companies and file paperwork. St Petersburg Auto Accident Attorney also calculate damages. They are your advocate and your voice in negotiations. You need someone you can trust to represent your best interests, you need our St Petersburg Auto Accident Attorney!

Do your research before you hire a St. Petersburg attorney for a car accident case. Are they able to handle your case? What are their past clients saying about their character and their attitude? Are they able to recover maximum compensation? Do they want to stand trial?

These services will be provided by a qualified St. Petersburg car accident lawyer who is willing to live up to their word. They are familiar with how insurance companies might try to reduce your claim and will have the expertise to stop it from happening.

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Florida Auto Accident Lawyers Can Get You Fair Compensation

It is misleading to call some Florida car accidents an accident. An accident means that the collision occurred even if there was no driver at fault. However, an accident does not mean that a person was at fault for causing a car accident injury.

These are what many injury lawyers refer to as “car accidents” and you’ll hear us use that term – it’s part of the English vernacular. However, a person driving drunk or texting while driving or a company knowing that their seat belts are defective is a car accident, or could it have been prevented?

You may also find your life and future completely destroyed if your injuries cause severe impairment, disfigurement, or pain, and suffering. In a matter of seconds, you could be facing unimaginable difficulties and costly medical bills.

It is important to find an experienced Florida auto accident lawyer to help you obtain the compensation you deserve for your injuries in a car accident.

How We Can Help After a Car Accident in St. Petersburg, FL

If you have been injured in an accident, you are likely flustered. Do not panic! One of your first moves should be to contact our St Petersburg auto accident attorney. Our St Petersburg car accident attorney will help to make sure you get the compensation that you deserve. We will review your case and begin developing a legal strategy that fits your specific accident and injuries. Our car accident lawyer in St Petersburg FL will fight to ensure you receive the compensation you rightfully deserve. Our St Petersburg car accident attorney will always be a big help to everyone.

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Why Should I Hire Jenkins Law P.L. for a Car Accident Lawsuit Representation?

Jenkins Law P.L. is committed to making our client’s needs our top priority. We are dedicated to making sure our clients receive the compensation they deserve. Jenkins Law P.L goes above and beyond to assist our clients in these ways:

  • Our firm offers free case evaluations so that you can determine if your case is a good fit.
  • Our team quickly identifies all possible sources of compensation. Our goal is to get the most compensation possible for our clients.
  • Every case gets the attention and cares it deserves.
  • We will represent you throughout your case to ensure that insurance companies pay you the right amount.
  • Your attorney will give you their phone number so that you can contact them whenever you have any questions or need an update on your case.
  • We have the resources to fight big insurance companies and help you get the compensation you need.

Our St Petersburg car accident attorney will help you through every step of your case. We will help you to focus on your recovery after a car accident in St Petersburg.

Our Accident Attorney St Petersburg Is Always Ready!

Our team of accident attorney St Petersburg is always ready to serve you! With a steadfast commitment to providing exceptional legal representation and support, our team stands prepared to assist you in navigating the complexities of personal injury claims. We understand the challenges you may be facing after an accident, and we’re dedicated to helping you seek the compensation you deserve for your injuries and losses. Rest assured, our St. Petersburg accident attorney is here to fight for your rights and work tirelessly to achieve the best possible outcome for your case.

FAQs About St. Petersburg Car Accident Claims

What should I do following a St. Petersburg car crash?

  • Move off the road: If there are no serious injuries or minor accidents, you should try to move all involved vehicles out of traffic. This will make it easier for first responders to arrive on the scene quicker and reduce the chance of additional collisions or traffic jams.
  • Seek medical attention: Even for minor injuries, it is vital to have documentation from a doctor or hospital to show that they are related to the accident.
  • Contact the police to file a report: Depending on your injuries, you might give your statement either at the accident scene or at the hospital. Florida Statutes § 316.066 requires that you submit a lengthy-form report to the police within 10 days. For potential litigation, the details of your accident will be important documentation.
  • Collect potential evidence: This involves talking to witnesses, getting contact details from present parties, and taking photos of the accident scene as well as the cars involved, when possible. It is also helpful to write down the details. Sometimes it is easy to forget important details about an accident. Note the following: the direction you drove, the location of your vehicle at the moment of impact, the speed of the car, and the actions of the other car at the time.

Our St Petersburg Accident Lawyer Are Just Waiting!

Our seasoned team at St Petersburg accident lawyer is here to provide the expert assistance you need. With a deep understanding of bankruptcy law with years of experience navigating the complexities of financial crises, our team is dedicated to helping you find the best solutions for your situation.

After a St. Petersburg car accident, should I speak to the other driver? What about the insurance company?

  • Limit your contact with the other driver. After an accident, you should exchange pertinent information such as driver’s license information, insurance coverage details, and contact info. You don’t need to do more than that. You should keep your statements to a minimum. It is because you could be accused of being at fault if you speak negatively.

Don’t accept an insurance company settlement immediately. A quick settlement should never be accepted without consulting a personal injury lawyer. Insurance companies understand that victims of accidents are often confused and overwhelmed by the aftermath, and they will use these realities to their advantage.



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What Is the Value of My St. Petersburg Car Accident Claim?

It’s difficult to provide an exact figure without knowing your specific case. The more serious your injuries are, the higher your case’s value will be.

St. Petersburg auto accident claims are affected by other factors, such as:

  • What your injuries mean for your quality of living and your ability to earn a livelihood
  • Parties involved and insurance coverage applicable
  • If you were involved in the accident and what percentage
  • Trauma you have experienced as a result of the accident
  • Your suffering after the accident
  • If your injury caused a permanent disability or impairment

A Accident Attorney in St Petersburg will examine your case during your no-obligation consultation and let you know how much money you could expect to receive in a settlement.

What Should I Do After a St. Petersburg Car Accident?

What you do after a St. Petersburg auto accident will have a significant impact on the outcome of your claim. Here’s what you should and shouldn’t do:

  • If the accident is serious, dial 911 to alert the appropriate authorities.
  • If it’s safe, stay at the accident scene and collect any evidence you can to prove your damages. Take pictures, videos and note the contact details of any witnesses.
  • You should not apologize for the accident or accept responsibility. This can reduce the value of your claim.
  • Even if your injuries are not obvious, you should still seek medical attention. Some injuries only become apparent after a certain amount of time. Medical records are crucial in proving your claim.

After a car accident in St. Petersburg, you should also consult an accident attorney such as Jenkins Law who can give you advice and insights on how to proceed. Call a accident attorney in St Petersburg now!


Our St. Petersburg accident attorney are always here to assist you any time of the day! They are professionals in handling a wide range of accident cases, from car accidents to slip and fall incidents, and everything in between. With their expertise and dedication, you can rest assured that your case will be handled with the utmost care and attention to detail.

Can I Still Claim Compensation If I Am Being Blamed for an Accident in St. Petersburg?

Yes. Florida uses modified relative negligence, which means you can still get compensation even if you were partially at fault for the accident. Your compensation will however be reduced proportionally to your negligence. If you are more than 50% responsible for an accident, compensation is not available.

If the court determines that you are 30% responsible for the accident, you can only receive 70% of the award.

Insurance companies use this rule to reduce the amount they pay to victims. Contact us right away if you are being accused of your accident. We know these tactics and how to combat them.

What Is the Impact of Florida’s No-Fault Auto Insurance on My Car Accident Claim?

Florida is a state with insurance that does not require fault. Personal Injury Protection (PIP), which covers the insured in case of an accident, is required for all drivers. You must file a claim for PIP coverage after a collision regardless of the person at fault.

PIP will cover up to 80% of reasonable medical expenses and 60% of lost wages. The minimum PIP coverage required in Florida is $10,000. This may not cover your entire loss.

You can make a claim on the bodily injury insurance (BIL) of the driver at fault if they have it. You may be able to file a lawsuit for personal injuries if they do not have bodily injury liability coverage. We can discuss your case with you and help determine what compensation options are available.

What Causes Most Car Collisions in St. Petersburg FL?

Inattention or recklessness of the driver is a common cause of car accidents. The following are some of the most common crashes that occur in St. Petersburg:

  • Distracted driving
  • Speeding
  • Driver fatigue
  • Drug or alcohol Impairment
  • Driving aggressively, including tailgating and cutting someone off
  • Running through a stop sign or red light
  • Failure to yield the right of way
  • Improper passing
  • Defective vehicle parts
  • Driving without experience
  • Poor road conditions such as potholes or road debris

The weather and unfamiliarity of the area can cause accidents in St. Petersburg. We will investigate the specific circumstances to determine what happened and who is responsible for the damages.


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Why You Should File a Car Accident Claim

You have the best chance of receiving adequate compensation after an accident. Your PIP insurance might cover some of the damages, but it may not be enough.

You can, for example, receive compensation for emotional distress by bringing a claim against the party at fault. Also, you can do this for the following reasons:

  • You will be held accountable for the actions of the party at fault
  • Your losses can be accurately compensated
  • By protecting others from similar harm, you’ll be helping to protect the rest of society.

Contacting a St. Petersburg auto accident lawyer for a free consultation is at least worth your while. The attorney will discuss your legal options with you and determine the best course of action.


How Do I Prove Negligence after a Car Accident in Florida?

Negligence means failing to exercise reasonable care and causing injury to another person. The following elements are required to prove that another person caused a car accident through negligence:

  • The driver had a duty to care for you;
  • The driver failed to do their duty when they did not drive with caution or obey traffic laws.
  • The accident was directly caused by the breach.
  • The crash caused you to suffer damages.

Evidence can include:

  • Report on traffic crashes
  • Pictures and videos of your injuries and the scene of an accident
  • Dashcam, and surveillance footage if available
  • Reports from your healthcare provider
  • Employee records
  • Eyewitness statements
  • Expert witness testimony
  • Physical evidence
  • Statements from friends and family about how your injury has affected your daily life.

We will help you collect all the evidence needed to prove your negligence and the extent of your damage.

How Long Do I Have to File a Car Accident Lawsuit in Florida?

According to the state statute of limitations, car accident victims have two years from the date of the collision to file a lawsuit. You will only have two years to file a lawsuit if you lose a loved one in a fatal accident.

In some cases, exceptions can be made. You may be given a longer time limit depending on the date of the accident. Don’t wait too long to take legal action. Evidence and memories may fade. Please contact us as soon as you can so we can begin building a strong claim for damages.

Do I Need to Hire a Personal Injury Attorney?

It is not necessary to hire a personal injury lawyer after each car accident in St. Petersburg. If you did not suffer any financial losses as a result of the accident, then you probably do not have an adequate claim.

If you’ve suffered a loss, especially if it goes beyond medical bills and repair costs, you may need to hire an accident attorney in order to recover a decent amount of money.

Jenkins Law Personal Injury Lawyers offer a free review of your case. This meeting is free and does not obligate you to continue working with us.

It is always better to consult an accident lawyer and determine if you can file a claim than not contact one at all.


How Much Does It Cost to Hire a Car Accident Attorney in Pinellas County, Florida?

There is no upfront fee because the majority of accident attorneys in St. Petersburg, Pinellas County, and surrounding areas work on a contingent fee basis.

We will decide on a percentage that we will receive from your settlement if you win. The percentage is usually between 33 and 40% of the damages awarded. If we fail to secure compensation on your behalf, you won’t be liable for any attorney fees.

You can retain an experienced St. Petersburg injury lawyer without any upfront costs. During your initial appointment, we’ll discuss our contingency fee arrangement with you.

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