Fire Damage Claim In Tampa


Experiencing a fire of any type can be traumatic, devastating, and an emotional loss. Dealing with the insurance adjusters and the red tape that goes along with filing a fire damage claim can be overwhelming during a difficult time. When your insurance claim is denied, your first step should be to contact an attorney who specializes in insurance claims.

The attorneys at Jenkins Law can help you file your fire damage claim in Florida and get the results you deserve.

Florida Insurance and Fire Damage Claim

Fire damage to property is to be determined as a partial or a total loss. A total loss likely occurs when the property sustains significant structural damage that affects its stability. Partial losses may include both fire damage and smoke damage, requiring extensive renovations.

Why You Need a Reputable Fire Damage Insurance Claims Attorney

Experiencing a fire and trying to successfully file a fire insurance claim can be frustrating. The length of time it takes to investigate the fire and process your insurance claim can take a toll on you. Having a reputable Florida insurance claims lawyer on your side to guide you through the process can not only save you frustration but also help you get the compensation you deserve.

With a fire damage claim, time is of the essence. Whether your property is a total loss or a partial loss, a complete investigation must be performed to support your fire damage claim. At Jenkins Law, our attorneys will keep the process moving forward and keep you up to date. The investigation can begin in a timely manner and the determination used to process your fire damage claim. If your claim is denied, the attorneys will provide the most aggressive representation possible to ensure a successful outcome.

The right attorney will be able to put your best interests at the forefront, providing you with aggressive representation that ensures your voice will be heard. The attorneys at Jenkins Law understand the ups and downs of a fire claims case. They are professionals when it comes to dealing with claims involving arson as well as other types of fire.

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When you experience a fire, either arson or otherwise, you need to call an attorney who is ready to work for you. Call the attorneys at Jenkins Law at 866-668-4182 and speak to one of their Florida insurance claims specialists. With their extensive experience in representing cases involving various types of smoke and fire damage claims. They have the tools and resources they need to win your fire insurance claim and get you the compensation you need and deserve. Call their office today and get the answers you need.

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