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Water Leak Insurance Claims

PreEmptive Protection

According to the Alliance For Water Efficiency, the average American home loses 2,000 to 20,000 gallons a year due to leaks. Utility rates in the Tampa Bay area are $30.52 per 4,000 gallons, $152.60 at the high-end of the average statistic. Such a leak could lead to severe damage to your home, enough to potentially foreclose the property. Water leak insurance claims, owing to such potential expense, can be difficult to manage.

Insurance Companies May Seek To Avoid Obligations

Even if you’re totally covered legally, insurance companies may deny coverage, or delay coverage. And even provide far less than their contractual obligation. Especially if a substantial weather event like a hurricane has occurred, you may need to find an insurance claims lawyer. Thankfully, the lawyers at Jenkins Law P. L. know how to successfully pursue a water leak claim.

It’s complicated to claim your water leak insurance. But there are best practices in reporting to consider. You can expect insurance companies to bring their own attorneys and insurance adjusters to the table. Water leak insurance claims benefit greatly from the assistance of a lawyer in the Bay Area who knows the ins and outs of the local legal atmosphere.

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Attorney Consultation For Water Leak Insurance Claims

Compounding this issue are older piping systems which insurance companies are aware of and will try to maneuver around should there be any room. You might want to consult Jenkins Law specifically as well as local contractors or adjusters prior to entering a policy. When you’ve already done so, working with such attorneys or adjusters after the fact can also be recommendable before making a claim.

You Could Be Eligible For Higher Water Leak Insurance Claims Settlement(s)

One common case the insurance claim attorneys at Jenkins Law are well familiar with involves cast iron plumbing. Homes constructed prior to 1975 usually have such plumbing, and as of the present day, these pipes are prone to leaks.

A new cast iron piping system lasts between 50 and 75 years. In extremely moist environments like Florida’s, finding pipes corroded after only 20 or 40 years for various reasons is not uncommon. When it comes to water leak insurance claims, if you have cast-iron piping in Florida today, you may be entitled to expanded settlements owing to rulings on thousands of lawsuits.

What this means is that working with an insurance claim attorney for your water leak insurance claim could provide you three to four times the settlement typically awarded without representation.

There are two primary qualification factors:

  • A house built prior to 1975, with a water damage claim, either low-balled or denied.
  • A house was built prior to 1975 where water damage is evident and no one claims a file.

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Water leak insurance claims are an issue in Florida today. Between aging infrastructure, natural disasters, and economic turmoil, insurance companies are sure to put into positions forcing substantial payouts. At Jenkins Law, we can help you acquire the settlement the law makes available to you. For more information or a free consultation, contact us at (866) 668 4182.



In a hurry? Call us now at (866) 668-4182