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Hail Damage

Hail damage insurance claims can be complex. Insurance providers may not deliver the coverage your policy promises. Sometimes they deliver less than they are legally obligated to or even delay payment. This adds to the stress of the situation. Focusing on repairing the damage caused by hail, rather than fighting with your insurance company is the best way.

When you encounter difficulties with insurance companies, you’ll need legal assistance. Jenkins Law P.L. can provide you with the assistance you need from an experienced lawyer who understands the tactics insurance companies use with policyholders and can help you receive what you rightfully deserve.

Insurance companies have their own adjusters and lawyers. Such individuals know every loophole, bureaucratic delay tactic, and payout-diminishing scheme out there. You’ll need to even the playing field by working with your own insurance claim attorney to manage the complex nature of insurance claims and the tactics used by insurance companies.

For many Florida residents–especially in the Bay Area –the question isn’t if you experience something like hail damage, the question is when you’ll experience it, and whether you’re prepared to deal with your insurance provider.

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Experienced Hail Damage Insurance Attorneys at Jenkins Law

Hail damage claims often require a Bay Area insurance claim attorney who understands hail damage characteristics and repair costs. Jenkins Law P.L. has seen many situations where damages from hail have occurred. Sometimes damage has a random quality without determining the pattern. Hail damage can produce marks with a dark, black color.

Some hail damage can appear as blistering, flaking, cracking, or the presence of algae infiltrating infrastructure. That said, there are insurance groups who know you’ve experienced hail damage but will argue against this claim, trying to explain that legitimate damage is the result of natural wear and tear. At Jenkins Law P.L., we’ve experienced this tactic, and we can show it to be in error, acquiring the coverage your insurance plan should guarantee.

Comprehensive Hail Insurance Claims

It’s additionally worth thinking that hail damage isn’t completely constrained to your roof. The right lawyer can help you manage hail damage insurance claims which include driveways, landscaping, windows, or other areas of your home. Specific areas Jenkins Law P.L. can help you with include:

  • Roof And Window Hail Damage
  • Major Damage From Hail
  • Minor Hail Damage
  • Restoration Needs
  • Siding Restoration

Jenkins Law ascertains damage including detailed documentation of cumulative losses, as well as policy coverage. This often results in an estimate for coverage and regularly includes a line-item breakdown. The dedicated attorneys at Jenkins Law help you through every part of the process. We make sure to maximize all hail damage insurance claims in accordance with the law.

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