Amazing Things Happen for MS Happens: A Hair-Raising Success


You may have noticed our very own Jim Jenkins sporting an, ahem, unusual look lately. In fact, you may have done a double-take. That’s because he raised money for MS Happens Foundation, a charity close to our heart by embarking on the “Shave Jim Jenkins” fundraising event, and it was a roaring success.

Her fight is my fight

Boy, oh, boy, that man looked all kinds of wacky… but for a seriously awesome cause. When Kelly-Ann’s sister Christine was diagnosed with MS, it was a tough time. As you may know, MS is a neurological condition that can affect the brain and spinal cord, causing a wide range of symptoms including problems with vision, movement, sensation, and balance. That’s why she set up the foundation MS Happens.

When asked what it means that husband Jim was raising money for this cause, Kelly-Ann said “Jim is a really good sport. Everyone knows that. Lots of friends have been extremely generous and like to make him do crazy things. It’s impossible that he’s enjoying this. MS Happens is a foundation we started for my sister but also for all MS patients – all the money is going to a good cause, so thanks to everyone. You guys made this happen, it’s absolutely amazing.”

Hair today, gone tomorrow

After 16 months of growing his golden locks, Jim arrived at Machine Shop Barber Company and into the safe hands of barber Murphy. A shot of whiskey for Dutch courage was needed as those boyish curls hit the floor – along with Jim’s dignity.

Jim’s mom was watching as the event was live-streamed – having a son who’s a successful lawyer and is raising money for charity? That’s a mom win.

Once the mullet took shape, that’s when things got wild. Shaved to one side of Jim’s head was “I HEART” (and the heart was colored red, aw-shucks), and on the other side “LEE” to represent long-time friend and fellow lawyer, Lee Pearlman. Some of the live-stream comments were hilarious. “Is that Billy Ray Cyrus?” had us in stitches.

But Jim wasn’t done yet. Out came the ‘pallet of pride’ to color that mullet like a rainbow. This was a hairstyle like no other: Fu Manchu in the front and party in the back. Next, the stash. Or, rather, the pornstache.

Impressive. Manly. Exquisite.

Finally, some serious manscaping took place on Jim’s eyebrows. Yes, it hurt. We’re not clear if Kelly-Ann was doubled over with pride or hysteria. When the barber washed and dried that ‘do, it fluffed up like a powerful poodle. It was official: Jim was rocking the most memorable look in courtroom history. No wonder he was planning a world tour, starting at city hall. All he needed now was a new outfit for the Rainbros party to pair with the mullet and pornstache look, and he was all set. Hey, permission to approach the bench, your honor?

Community counts

The success of the campaign means life-changing results for those who need it. The team at Jenkins Law was so proud to support the event, doubling all gifts made to the foundation on “double money day” in order to help reach the goal of $10,000. When the final tally hit $11,300, we knew that we were doing all we could to help the people in our community afford the medical care that they need.

Helping others in the community is what we’re all about. That and family, bravery, and working hard for what you believe in. Jim proved that whatever happens in life, Jenkins Law is there. Reach out when you need someone strong to fight your corner.