Right to Repair in Florida


right-to-repair-florida When someone damaged your property. And you have to turn the claim to your insurance company, the insurance company may choose to invoke their “right to repair” clause. A “Right to Repair” clause allows the insurance company the option to repair your property instead of sending you the insurance proceeds for you to make the appropriate repairs. This means the insurance company may choose to make repairs, and they can hire their own contractor to come in and do the work. In some cases, the repairs may be incomplete or not performed to the standards of the industry. Our lawyer in St. Petersburg FL can look over your policy. We can determine if the Right to Repair clause is part of what they mean for you if that is the cause.

Know the Right to Repair Clause in Your Policy and Understand What It Includes

When someone damaged your property, it is important that you know what is in your policy. And when it comes to repairing or replacement costs. When you are first purchasing your policy, ask about the Right to Repair. If it is part of it. A qualified insurance claims lawyer can assist you with your policy. Your attorney makes sure your rights are protected. While the Right to Repair clause may be in your policy, there are times when it can’t or shouldn’t be used. Jenkins Law will help you understand your policy so that you know what to expect if your property is ever damaged.

Work With the Right Attorney in Tampa When It Involves Right to Repair Cases

At Jenkins Law, we understand how frustrating it can be. It’s important that you fully understand what the “Right to Repair” means. And also whether or not your insurance company plans to invoke that right. Having a qualified Florida insurance claims attorney assist you through your policy, You can determine what will happen to your property after you proceed to your insurance claim.

Contact Jenkins Law to Learn More About the “Right to Repair”

Your first step should be to call 866-668-4182 and talk to the attorneys at Jenkins Law. We serve the entire Tampa Bay area. Our team understands how insurance companies may try to save money by invoking a Right to Repair clause. Make sure you have your rights protected. Call us today and let us read through your policy before you have to file a claim.