Hit By A Drunk Driver

Last Christmas: Looking Back at Personal Injuries on Florida Roads


As 2023 draws to a close and we make plans to see our friends, neighbors, and family this holiday season, we can’t help but spare a thought for anyone who was the victim of a personal injury last Christmas.

That’s because statistics show that the Florida roads are at their most dangerous around December.

But why is that the case? And how can we make this Christmas as safe as possible for everyone on Florida roads? 

Last Christmas

In December 2022, there were 33,560 car accidents in Florida. Smart Growth America stated that Florida was the second most dangerous state in the nation for pedestrians. 

Common accidents last year included:

  • 9,741 accidents involving pedestrians
  • 8,899 accidents involving motorcycles
  • 6,960 accidents involving bicycles

Why are the roads so dangerous during the holiday season?

There are several reasons that the Florida roads prove to be more treacherous in December than at other times of the year. This includes:

  • Crowded roads: With more than 6 million vehicles on Florida roads over the festive period, it’s easy to understand why there’s an increase in the risk of car accidents. With more cars and trucks on the road, no wonder pedestrians and cyclists can become injured.
  • Impaired and reckless drivers: Sadly, with the party season in full swing, drivers can take selfish risks with drunk driving, all with devastating consequences for themselves, others on the road, and innocent pedestrians and cyclists. In December 2022, Florida authorities stated that 32 accidents were due to DUI.
  • Stress and traffic: We all recognize the mayhem attached to the Holiday season, with increased stress and traffic levels causing drivers to rush and sometimes act in a more aggressive manner. Road rage and a disregard for road safety rules can be common.
  • Distracted drivers: With the rush to get ready for Christmas, and driving the family to and fro, drivers can become tired and distracted. Failing to pay full attention to the roads is another big cause of injury to pedestrians and cyclists in December. People visiting from out of town can also become distracted by GPS devices when trying to find a location they’re unfamiliar with.
  • Crowded: Imagine a crowded chaotic parking lot in December with drivers scrambling for parking spaces and shoppers scurrying about, and you’ll understand why pedestrians can also become victims at this time of year

Driving home for Christmas

This holiday season, let’s all make a conscious effort to get there safely. 

There are plenty of things that drivers can do:

  • Never drink and drive
  • Minimize distractions by setting your GPS before starting your journey, and don’t use your cell phone to call or text while driving
  • Maintain a safe distance from other cars
  • Allow extra time for your journey

As a cyclist or pedestrian, you can make your journey safer by:

  • Ensuring that all drivers can see you. Opt for bright and reflective clothing
  • Always carry your cell phone in case you need to call for help
  • Follow our tips on exercising safety and how to cycle safely

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