The House That Law Built: Why We’re Part of the Team


Habitat for Humanity is a pretty special organization. They believe that homeownership has the power to transform lives, and that affordable housing for individuals and families strengthens the fabric of our community. 

It’s all about living in a world where everyone has a decent place to live. Sounds like a reasonable dream, yes? But for many families, this dream of homeownership feels unattainable. Habitat for Humanity wants to change that. And we want to help them to do it.  

Taking it home

Habitat for Humanity Pinellas and West Pasco Counties are not just building homes, communities, and hope. They’re building a legacy. We’re talking blood, sweat, and tears here, for a good cause. And you know, hammers and nails. Well, at Jenkins Law we think that’s awesome. 

The House that Law Built is a Habitat Speciality Build – that means that like-minded people are coming together to help sponsor and build a home for a deserving family. This current build is focused on the legal community and so Habitat for Humanity is partnering with lawyers and legal professionals to make life-changing dreams come true. That’s where Jenkins Law comes in. Because, dear friends, we dig that kind of community spirit. Dig. Get it? Sorry.

Home is where the heart is

The story of the families that Habitat for Humanity Pinellas and West Pasco Counties are helping really hits home if you’ll pardon the pun. When we read about families searching for a forever home for themselves and their kids, battling hard times, and just trying to find their comfort, we knew that we had to be a part of it. 

Mom of 3, Catherine, hit the nail on the head when she described her overwhelming excitement at the thought of receiving a stable home for herself and her boys.My house will be my safe place. My house will be my comfort place. Habitat for Humanity is a blessing for helping families like mine accomplish something they may have never been able to do on their own; it makes you have a different outlook on life.” 

We think that everyone deserves comfort, stability, and safety. After a long day fighting for our clients in the courtroom or at the office, we love nothing more than to simply come home. To each other. To our dogs. To our safe place. 

Rebuilding lives

The team at Jenkins Law agrees that this project truly spoke to us. We’re honored to sponsor Habitat for Humanity, and we know that The House that Law Built project is going to make an impact for years to come. We have seen first-hand what our clients go through when times are hard, and we see how important homes are to families. 

Having to rebuild your life after a shattering event such as a fire, flood or hurricane can be devastating, and the aftermath can be just as stressful. We help our clients to rebuild their lives by helping them claim the maximum entitlement from their insurance policies. 

Picking up the pieces can be tough, but when there’s a community behind you it all seems possible. We are here for you as you put the fragments back together – step by step, brick by brick. Reach out. We’ll be there.