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Associated Costs Of Water Damage

Jenkins Law regularly provides solutions for clients in Florida who have experienced water damage and are having trouble getting proper coverage from insurance companies. Water damage insurance claims can be complicated and exhausting. You’ll need legal assistance from an experienced legal team dedicated to helping you get what you properly deserve after experiencing water damage to your property.

An inch of water can cause $25,000 in damage, according to ConsumerReports.org. Imagine you’re an insurance company, and a thousand homes in a place like the Bay Area have been flooded. That’s a payout of $25 million dollars. Insurance companies will try to limit payouts due to water damage insurance claims.

They’ll pay less than what policyholders should receive under their plan, award coverage settlements much later than they should, and outright deny coverage when it is legitimately guaranteed by a given policy. Jenkins Law has seen such scenarios many times in the past, specifically pertaining to multiple insurance companies. This has allowed us to develop key strategies and skills when dealing with attorneys and insurance adjusters. Insurance companies hire to diminish settlements in their favor through tactics such as low-balling and paying policyholders late.

All these scenarios require an insurance claims lawyer. Jenkins Law P.L. has helped many clients sidestep such underhanded techniques from insurance companies. Our focus is on the areas of property damage like those which come from unexpected water damage.

Methods For Handling Water Damage Insurance Claims

Jenkins Law advises keeping certified copies of your insurance contract available and requesting them initially upon starting a new contract. Contracts include provisions for mold, responsibility limitations, and other coverage considerations which are oftentimes deliberately obscured so policyholders don’t realize they aren’t as covered as they thought when a disaster occurs. Water damage insurance claims involve many factors, and Jenkins Law can help you ensure contracts are properly comprehensive.

After a water damage incident, mitigation should immediately begin. Jenkins Law P.L. advises visual documentation of damage using photography and video as possible. You should also request insurance adjusters use moisture mapping technology like thermal or infrared imaging. This more comprehensively reveals the scope of water damage on your property. If your insurance company doesn’t have an adjuster who will do this, Jenkins Law can help you find local public adjusters who can.

It’s important to get multiple estimates that insurance companies have no influence over. When $25k or more is on the line, you need multiple opinions. We suggest getting more than one separate estimate from qualified adjusters and contractors. One could include your insurance agency, but it’s better to have estimates unrelated to your insurers.

Getting Water Damage Coverage In Florida

In areas of western Florida, along the Gulf, finding the right attorney is paramount. The right lawyer will provide better water damage insurance claim coverage.

A flooded kitchen or bathroom could destroy your property. The right injury claim lawyer could be the only thing between you and totally losing your home.

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At Jenkins Law P.L., we offer solutions for water damage insurance claims where insurance groups are denying coverage, delaying coverage fulfillment, or delivering less than their contracts promise. Additionally, we can help you determine if you have a case for a lawsuit that may increase what insurance companies must pay out for property damages. For a free consultation, contact us at (866) 668 – 4182 today.

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