4 Things We Loved about attending the WIND Conference 2023


When it comes to home insurance claims, we need to be on top of our game if we’re going to crush it for our clients. After all, they deserve no less.

The team at Jenkins Law PL prides itself on refreshing our learning, staying in the know, and networking with others in this specialized field. The world of home insurance claims is complex, and the games that insurance companies play to dodge fair settlements change like the wind. 

Just as you think you’re up to speed on home insurance claims, there will be a new loophole, a change to the statutes, or a case that’s different from the rest.  

That’s why attending home insurance claim conferences is important to us.

What is the WIND conference?

Jim Jenkins attended the annual Windstorm Insurance Conference (WIND) recently, which is a conference for the property and windstorm insurance claims industry. It’s an opportunity for property claims professionals like ourselves to engage, learn, connect, and network.  The conference brings together defense and policyholder representatives to better the industry. 

Last month, WIND was held in Orlando, Florida. The conference attracts more than 1000 property/ windstorm insurance claim professionals for a jam-packed three days of career development, continuing education credits, and networking. 

Let’s look at the top things we love about the WIND conference.

  • Networking

At the conference, there are daily networking opportunities with leaders in the industry from engineers, umpires, and public adjusters to other lawyers. You can get answers to questions directly. Next time we pick up the phone to talk to someone about a case, it’s nice when we have actually met them in person.

  • Learning and certifications

At the conference, you can learn and earn continuing education credits. We know that the rules and statutes change in this industry, so continuous learning in this area is essential. 

WIND Credential Programs offer certifications and designations that validate property insurance claims careers.

  • Breakout sessions

The 2023 conference had more than 25 breakout sessions to choose from, including adjuster claims software training, NFIP Adjuster Flood Certification, WIND Appraiser, and Umpire Certifications. The conference organizers strive to offer a year’s worth of CE credits for multiple states, bar associations, and professional organizations. There was something for everyone.

  • You get to hear both sides of the story 

The conference brings together the defense, plaintiff, public adjusters, and neutral parties. Everyone works together to understand the issues. Hearing one side of the story only gives you half the picture.


A lawyer’s life is busy, usually split between meeting clients, tackling important paperwork, and attending court. However, when we make time for continuous learning and networking with other professionals in the home insurance claims industry, we evolve. This means that we’ll be better equipped to help and advise our clients after a flood, water damage, hurricane, or fire. We’ll be better equipped to fight for them.

To us, that’s everything. 

When disaster strikes, you’ll need an experienced insurance claim lawyer in Florida who knows how to handle insurance companies. That’s because these insurance companies are renowned for dodging the insurance claims of homeowners. Their classic game playing includes denying, delaying, and underpaying.

There’s no need to be a victim of the insurance company’s games. Fair compensation is what you deserve and we’re going to make that happen. 

Jenkins Law PL is a legal team that you can depend on, and you’re in excellent hands. We specialize in homeowner insurance claims, and we take the stress out of making a claim. So, reach out to get started.