Insurance Claim

June 28 is National Insurance Awareness Day: We’ve Got You Covered!


When it comes to home insurance, we get it. It’s one of those things floating around the back of our heads in an ever-growing to-do list that we swear we will get around to. But if you forget to sort your home insurance policy and disaster strikes, you’ll kick yourself.

That’s why National Insurance Awareness Day was created – now, on June 28, we’ve got a big old reminder to renew and review our policy. Home insurance is peace of mind, a layer of protection over your precious home to help you cope with unpredictable or unfortunate events.

To mark the day, we’ve got 4 pro tips to make sure you’re covered and at the right price, plus what steps to take should the worst happen to your home.

So, are you ready to dive in?

  • Shop around

Sure, it’s more convenient to simply renew with your current insurance company that you’ve dealt with for years, but are you getting the best deal? Quotes are free so watch out for competitors’ promotions, lock-in rates, or even loyalty rates. Comparing rates can save you around 15%.

If you’re pressed for time, a broker can do the shopping around for you, allowing you to give your personal details just once.

  • Home improvements

It’s good to know that home insurance rates can often vary when you have made home improvements. Have you made home improvements to the windows, roof, fence, or exterior? Has the value of the home increased or decreased? Having a home security system installed can often mean saving on your home insurance policy. 

  • Coverage

It’s a good time to make sure you’re not over or under-insured. For example, do you need flood or hurricane cover?

Ask about the insurance company’s exclusions – what’s not covered in the policy? The types of damage or loss not covered by standard policies can include termites, mold, wear and tear, flooding, and wind damage in hurricane-prone states like Florida.

You’ll need to assess the catastrophe risk or storm risk for your location. Here in Florida, we’re in hurricane season – would you be covered if your home was damaged? Do you need supplemental flood or wind insurance?

  • Evaluate your current possessions

New golf clubs in the garage? Upgraded entertainment system? The contents of your home have likely changed since you updated your home insurance policy last year. Take the time to make an inventory of what’s in the home. Keep in mind that values change, so what was once worth $10,000 decades ago may now be worth more, such as jewelry.

Prepare for the worst

Even when we put all of the possible precautions in place – smoke detectors, security systems, home maintenance – events can occur that threaten our homes, businesses, and the people inside them. Insurance is the best way to ensure that you can recover and replace anything of value to you – like a security blanket, protecting your home in the event of a flood, accident, hurricane, or fire. 

But what happens when the insurance company doesn’t play fair? What would you do if a disaster hit, and your insurance company refused to pay up? What would you say if they didn’t hold up their end of the bargain?

You’d be worn out getting your home back to its former glory while also dealing with an insurance company that’s stone-walling you. Don’t give in. You need that compensation for replacement, repair, or medical bills. You deserve the best possible outcome. Let us roll up our sleeves and fight for you. At Jenkins Law PL, we’ve got the determination and legal expertise. 

When you need to bring out the big guns, we’re ready to roll.