What if My Florida Insurance Claim Gets Denied?

What if My Florida Insurance Claim Gets Denied?


What if My Florida Insurance Claim Gets Denied?

What if My Florida Insurance Claim Gets Denied?Insurance coverage is designed to provide peace of mind for business owners, homeowners, condo owners, and more. Insurance companies will often work to pay the lowest settlement on property damage that occurs as a result of fire, water, or hurricane damage. In some cases, an insurance company may even deny or refuse claims against these forms of severe property damage. So what is my Florida insurance claim gets denied?

Over 200 million claims are rejected by insurance companies across the United States each year. Working with an insurance claims attorney will make sure that you get the compensation you are entitled to. 

Every year, you pay for coverage for your home in the event of a natural disaster, an accident, or human error. Policyholders have their legitimate claims denied every day. There are a number of reasons that an insurance company may cite for denial of insurance claims, but working with an insurance attorney will make sure that you can potentially reverse their decision. 

Why Insurance Claims Get Denied

One of the main reasons that an insurance claim could be denied is incomplete or inaccurate information provided to the insurance company. Often, the insurance company and the property owner disagree on what caused the damage. The insurance company may send its own engineer out to the property to show the damage was caused by a peril that is not covered under the policy.  In this case, an insurance company will likely deny the damage claim. 

Documentation Is Lacking

Insurance companies may require a record of all damages including the pictures and videos on how the damage occurred. When they don’t receive a significant amount of proof, it’s possible that they could deny the claim outright. 

Materials Were Discarded

Damage of any kind in an insurance claim needs to be properly documented. If you have thrown away any of the evidence involving your case, or you can’t produce enough evidence for your insurance company your claim may be denied. 

Working With An Insurance Attorney

Our team has the expertise to help you navigate an insurance claim, and we understand the complex language of the insurance industry. We are claims attorneys that can act as your skilled negotiators. We want to make sure that you can reopen your claim and help you get the compensation you need to repair your home. If you have a business insurance claim, home insurance claim, or rental insurance claim that has been denied, please contact our Florida insurance claims attorneys today. We can begin building a case for you and assist with getting your claim accepted.