It’s National Bike to School Day


Kids these days have it easier than we did back in the day, right? For starters, the grown-ups are like their personal chauffeurs, driving them to school, playdates, and sports. 

This May, we’re celebrating the 11th annual National Bike and Roll to School Day. The campaign is all about encouraging kids to ride to school for their physical and mental health. It’s also about advocating to make the routes to school safer by closing or limiting motor vehicle access on school adjacent streets.

Feeling pumped

Cycling to school in sunny Florida has so many advantages, and it’s the perfect way for kids (and grownups) to start the day. 

  1. We could all benefit from more exercise in our day, and studies show that childhood obesity is on the rise as our kids lead a more sedentary lifestyle compared to previous generations. Achieving that exercise on the journey to and from class is an easy win. So, get those little hearts pumping and watch their fitness flourish.
  2. We want our kids wide awake and taking it all in at school, especially seniors who have exams looming. Cycling to school gets that blood pumping to the brain, helping them to be more alert at school.
  3. The mental health of our children is something we need to keep in mind, as they deal with school stresses, as well as social and peer pressures. Cycling, like all exercise, has a proven positive effect on mental health.
  4. With so many cars on the Florida roads, one less car doing a school run might seem pretty insignificant.  However, if we all make the effort to walk or cycle for smaller journeys, we could have a great impact on the environment. So, let’s leave those car keys at home and let the kids cycle to school.

Be safe, be seen

Although cycling is a fantastic activity in this state, Florida is the deadliest state for cyclists

Naturally, you’ll worry about your child cycling to school. Let’s look at some ways to protect them.

  1. In case of emergency, it’s best for your child to cycle with a buddy or parent. If your child has a cell phone, make sure it’s charged and in their backpack before they leave home.
  2. See our top tips for exercising outdoors safely for more information on helmets, reflective gear, and bike safety checks. Invest in a good bicycle lock to ensure that the bike is secure at school.
  3. Talk to your child about the dangers of cycling, the rules of the road, and how to signal. Do a practice run of the route to school together and talk through any hazardous spots such as intersections or narrow roads. 

On the journey with you

With the right preparation, cycling to school can be a fun and healthy way for your child to get to school or college.  

However, accidents can happen, especially when distracted or careless drivers are involved. Jenkins Law P.L is experienced in this area, and to us it’s personal. You see, we are avid cyclists ourselves, so we know those Florida roads, and sadly, the hazards, all too well.

A loved one suffering a  bicycle injury can feel like a nightmare. Between medical bills, pain and suffering, and time missed from classes, getting compensation can feel like a losing battle. Call to see how we can help.