Florida Remains The Nation’s Deadliest State For Pedestrians


Florida Is The Nation’s Deadliest State For Pedestrians

Florida Is The Nation’s Deadliest State For PedestriansFlorida remains one of the most dangerous states for pedestrians. According to updated statistics in pedestrian accidents nationwide, Florida has some of the highest rates of pedestrian related accidents and a lot of this is based off of poor urban planning and a lack of infrastructure. With 84 incidents involving deaths from pedestrian related accidents in 2018, there’s an increasing risk for these groups across the state.

The Fort Myers and Cape Coral areas have been found to be one of the nations most fatal metro areas for walkers. As the eighth deadliest area for pedestrians in the United States, walking in this area can be a risk if you are not staying alert and obeying proper traffic laws. Eight of the top ten cities for pedestrian accidents are located in Florida, and the number of hit-and-run accidents is on the rise in these areas. If you are planning on walking or cycling along motorways in Florida, it’s important that you stay alert and undistracted.

Walking or cycling without music or headphones and paying attention to any walk signs or lights is very important to maintaining your safety. Vulnerable pedestrians may often assume that in the worst case scenario they will be able to prove negligence on the part of the driver. Motorcyclists, bicyclists, and pedestrians may be surprised to know that the process of determining who is at fault is not straightforward. A pedestrian is going to need a large amount of money to pay for medical bills in this situation; it will be hard to get this compensation without a good lawyer and a personal injury claim.

As broken bones and other severe injuries can be common in pedestrian related accidents, it’s possible that insurance coverage could run up quickly. Working with your own insurance company to access coverage or making sure that you can see coverage from the liable parties insurance company is important. With the average cost of a surgical treatment on a broken leg ranging from $15,000 up to $35,000, you could be facing a life-changing amount of debt unless you can access some form of compensation.  It is important that you have Uninsured Motorist Coverage on your auto insurance policy.  Without it, you could be left with means of recovering your lost medical bills.

If you need someone on your side and you’ve been involved in an accident as a pedestrian, it’s important to seek the help of an expert legal professional today. Our experienced law firm can help you to build a case and pursue damage against any responsible party for your accident. Contact our team today and we can work at making sure you can access the compensation you need to get well again!