Howdy Neighbor: 4 Things to Appreciate About the Folks Next Door


Love ‘em or tolerate ‘em, your neighbors are here to stay. As the old saying goes, you can choose your friends but not your neighbors.

To mark National Neighbors Day on March 27, we thought we’d say cheers to those folks next door who are there when you need them. We’ve got 4 signs that you’ve got a good neighbor worth celebrating. 

  1. Someone you trust

A package has arrived, but you’re stuck in the office. Is there someone that you trust close by that will hold it for you?

You’re locked out of the house, but the nice guy next door is one of the few people you trust to hold a key.

Your kids and the kids next door are constantly calling for each other to come out and play.

If these ring true and you’ve got gold star neighbors like these, you’re a winner. 

  1. Someone who helps

When life goes sideways, it’s often the neighbors who step up to the plate. If your home has been devastated by a flood, accident, or fire, a good neighbor will come to the rescue. Usually holding a casserole, but we’re not exactly sure why.

And if your home has been battered by a Florida hurricane, chances are next door, your neighbors are also picking up the pieces and will need comfort and support.

  1. Someone who you can borrow from.

You never have the exact drill bit when you need it. But the guy next door does. You’ve run out of sugar for the apple pie, but you know that the family close by will let you have some. If this resonates with you, place yourself firmly in the good neighbor camp and thank your lucky stars.

But a word to the wise? Don’t be a Homer Simpson to your Ned Flanders – those tools have to eventually find themselves back in next door’s yard, OK?

  1. Someone who’s security-conscious

OK, hold the nosy neighbor jokes, because having a person close by who’s paying attention can seriously pay off. 

A curtain-twitching neighbor who has a security camera and a penchant for recalling registration plates will come in handy if you’ve had the misfortune of suffering a personal injury near home or a break-in. You can thank them later, they’re at a neighborhood watch meeting.  

Community spirit

So, if you’ve got a keeper of a neighbor, take the time today to say thanks. You know what they say, right? Love thy neighbor. And, seriously, dude, give that lawnmower back, this is getting embarrassing now.

If there’s one thing that Jim and Kelly-Ann love, it’s being part of the community. With their office in St. Petersburg, their hardworking team helps people in the neighborhood when life gets complicated.

Let’s be good neighbors. Let’s take care of each other. 

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