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School Kids Get Schooled on Bicycle Safety by Tampa Police


We’ve been saying it for years: Florida is a beautiful place to cycle, but our roads are dangerous.

Now, Tampa police officers have been spreading that message to school kids, and we take our hats off to them. 

Recently, The Primrose School of South Tampa hosted a bicycle safety event with the Tampa Police Department. They featured a variety of engaging activities for school children and provided them with information on how to cycle safely, including: 

  1. Bicycle safety workshops led by Tampa Police Department officers, where the kids learned about helmet usage, traffic rules, and the importance of proper bike maintenance.
  2. A bike obstacle course that simulated real-world riding scenarios, enabling children to apply the skills that they learned during the workshops.
  3. A meet-and-greet with police officers to foster positive relationships and encourage trust and respect towards law enforcement.

At  Jenkins Law P.L. we want to thank the school and the Tampa Police Department for hosting the bicycle rodeo. Together, you educated our young people about bicycle safety and highlighted the positive impact of the Tampa Police Department. Bravo – it’s programs like these that can save lives.

Stay safe, kids

We all know that cycling has great benefits for kids, whether it’s cycling to school or cycling with friends on the weekend. Cycling offers kids great exercise to keep them fit and is great for their mental health.

Yet, children are susceptible to accidents and injuries when cycling, especially when on busy roads. A child on a bicycle is no match for a heavy car that’s traveling at speed.

Sadly, every year around 17,000 children are injured and 150 children are killed in bicycle accidents. And the scary thing is that Florida has consistently ranked among the deadliest states in the nation for bicycle accidents. The Miami-Fort Lauderdale area continues to rank among the nation’s deadliest metro areas. 

The kids are alright

It can be incredibly challenging to get back on your bike after a fall or personal injury, whether you’re a child or a grownup. As cyclists ourselves, we try to spread awareness of the dangers of cycling on Florida roads, and we must all teach our kids to be vigilant when cycling. 

We recently shared our tips on exercising outdoors safely and reminded others that wearing a helmet can save your life. Where possible, let’s make sure that our kids are cycling on a bicycle path instead of a busy road, and avoid construction areas and hills. Let’s also get kids to avoid intersections, put reflectors on their bikes, and try to get them to wear bright clothing. By doing all of these things, we can significantly reduce their risk of injury. 

Getting back on your bike

Over the many years – not just practicing law, but as part of the Florida community – we have witnessed the devastating consequences of personal injury for cyclists. We understand that as a cyclist you’re vulnerable. At any time, you could be the victim of a reckless driver and be seriously injured or killed if struck by a car. 

Apart from the physical injuries, victims of drunk, reckless, or distracted drivers will suffer emotional pain, loss of income, and huge medical bills. 

At times like these, it’s important to claim maximum compensation so that you can cope with the aftermath of an accident. You’ll need a strong, experienced, and compassionate legal team fighting for you to maximize your success.

Jenkins Law P.L. – we specialize in personal injury claims and we can get you back on that bike. 

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