4 Marvellous Mistakes: Why Accidents Don’t Have to Be the End of the World


Not every famous discovery has been made in a perfect laboratory at the perfect time. Sure, some were calculated, years of research, and tireless trial and error. Yet many were total accidents. 

At Jenkins Law P.L we see every day that life doesn’t always go to plan. Let’s look at the most famous happy accidents that have made the world a better place

  1. Beer

Let’s start with a fun one. Those clever ancient bakers who began domesticating wild grain made an accidental discovery when the wet grain used to make unleavened bread got wet and when combined with the yeast in the air fermented, producing alcohol as an accidental product. That stinky leftover foam was the first beer. Cheers!

  1. Penicillin

When Alexander Fleming returned from a vacation in 1928 with a real case of the Monday blues, he spotted mold on the petri dish of staphylococcus bacteria. Gross, right? Instead of tossing it out, he discovered that this happy accident contained the antibiotic penicillin, a now mass-produced and lifesaving drug that won him the Nobel prize in 1945. 

  1. Superglue

While many things around the home were happy accidents such as cornflakes, Velcro, and stainless steel, our favorite is Superglue since it can stick almost anything broken back together. In 1942, while trying to make clear plastic gun sights for Allied Forces weapons, the bonding compound was discovered. Hey, stick around for more!

  1. The Dead Sea Scrolls

The random wanderings of a lost goat are to be thanked for the accidental discovery of one of the most important literary findings in history. No, seriously. In 1947, shepherds in Israel were chasing a goat and accidentally discovered a deep cave with clay pots containing the ancient documents. Get that goat a medal.

When the wheels come off, we’ll be there

We’re here for you when an accident strikes, and we’re going to help you navigate the complicated legal maze. 

Take Jim Jenkins, for example. His superpower is helping to alleviate the stress and uncertainty that follows any accident or loss. As for Kelly-Ann? Her focus is as a homeowner’s insurance attorney and a personal injury attorney. 

The whole team at Jenkins Law P.L knows the hard work and dedication it takes to get you back on your feet after an accident, and we’re ready to stand up for you. We’ve helped countless clients come out the other side of their accident, and we’ve got the experience and compassionate ear that’s needed for the job. 

Accidents happen, we get it

We’ve seen accidental fires and floods destroy homes. We’ve seen clients distraught over the medical bills, damage to their car or bicycle, loss of income, as well as the pain and worry following a bicycle injury or car accident and personal injury. After all, Florida is the deadliest state for cyclists and is susceptible to hurricanes and more.  

Don’t panic. It might feel like the end of the world, but it’s not. We’re going to help you with all of that. You’re reeling from the accident, but you’re in safe hands. While you concentrate on getting yourself well, Jenkins Law P.L. is going to tackle that claim and make sure that you receive maximum compensation. You deserve no less

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