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Florida Hurricane Season 2022: What to Expect


We’re days away from the official start of the 2022 Atlantic hurricane season, and the warning is clear.

This year’s hurricane activity is predicted to be ‘above average.’

Let’s look at what’s expected this hurricane season, and how you can keep yourselves and your neighbors safe. 


Weather researchers at Colorado State University predict a continuation of a trend that we’ve seen over the last 4 decades. The hurricanes are predicted to be larger and more powerful as they form over hotter ocean water. They’re factoring in a weaker La Niña pattern and warmer than average water temperatures – a cocktail that CSU researchers believe will likely produce “an above-average probability for major hurricanes making landfall along the continental United States coastline and in the Caribbean.”

It’s anticipated that there will be at least 19 named storms and 9 hurricanes, and 4 of these will be a category 3 or higher. Just to get that into perspective, it’s helpful to know that the average season has 14 named storms, and 7 hurricanes with 3 classed as major hurricanes. 

Now, in case you’re curious about what these North Atlantic hurricanes might be called in 2022, here’s a list of names:

Alex, Bonnie, Colin, Danielle, Earl, Fiona, Gaston, Hermine, Ian, Julia, Karl, Lisa, Martin, Nicole, Owen, Paula, Richard, Shary, Tobias, Virginie, and Walter. 

In Tampa Bay, a major hurricane hasn’t struck the region in more than 100 years. However, hurricane researcher Bunting believes that our luck may run out. His predictions are more severe than CSU, and he gave a stark warning to all Floridians. “We know how to react to a disaster in this country better than anyone, but we need to see more resources thrown at preparing to prevent these disasters from happening or, at least, minimize them. We’re having more and more hurricanes and more and more severe hurricanes. It’s only a matter of time before one hits a major populated area and it’s a catastrophe.”

Bunting says his active-season forecast for 2022 is due to the warm water acting as “rocket fuel” for hurricanes. 


With hurricane season active between June 1 and November 30, now is the time to prepare.

Check your insurance policy to make sure that you’re covered should the worst happen. Make sure you and your family have a solid evacuation plan. Start to assemble your hurricane prep kit with all of the essential food, medicine, and water you and your loved ones will need. 

Our hurricane safety tips blog is packed with information about knowing your zone, staying informed, and useful contacts in Pinellas County. 


Hurricanes and storms can cause chaos: loss of life, flooding, and property damage. A community can be left in shreds, battered by the devastating winds and water.

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