Laugh it Up: Our Top 5 Lawyer Jokes


What makes you laugh? One-liners? Knock-knock jokes? Memes? Sarcasm? Dad jokes? Or maybe you’re the slapstick kind who cracks up if someone slips on a banana peel. Classic!

Well, everyone’s sense of humor is different, but one thing we can all agree on is that National Tell a Joke Day is something we can all enjoy. This year, National Tell a joke Day falls on August 16, and we just have to turn on the news channel to see that some laughter is much needed. 

You can celebrate the day by telling some jokes at work or with friends (just promise us that you’ll practice them before and won’t insult anyone’s grandma), attending a comedy show, or curling up to watch your favorite comedy show on TV. 

So, you know, bust a gut…

The world needs a laugh

We’re happy to take a coffee break with you and press pause on our busy day and enjoy the lighter side of life for a while. 

Laughter is good for the soul. It relaxes us and boosts our mood. Laughing at work can be so important. It’s the ideal way to relieve stress, bond with teammates, and boost morale. That’s especially true if, like us, you do an emotionally tough job.

That’s why now is the ideal time to share our favorite lawyer jokes – hey, we lawyers have been the butt of jokes since lawyers carried briefcases. We’ll be the punchline today, so take your best shot, the jokes on us.

Ok, here goes…

Why did the lawyer cross the road?

Just kidding, we can definitely do better than that. Introducing our top 5 favorite lawyer jokes.



Arguing with a lawyer is like wrestling with a pig in mud. 

Soon, you realize that they like it.




How do you get a personal injury lawyer to smile for a photo? Say “FEES!”




A lawyer died, went to the pearly gates of heaven, and said “hey, I’m only 50, that’s too young to die!” 

St Peter replied, “that’s odd, when we add up your billing records, we have you down as at least 83…”

Hey, no fair…



A man asks a lawyer what his fee is and is told that it’s $100 for three questions. “Isn’t that a little steep?” asks the man. 

“Yes,” replies the lawyer. “Now, what’s your third question?”

Not cool…



Did you hear about the priest who became a lawyer? 

He’s a father-in-law.

Good one.

Thank you very much, ladies and gentlemen. We’re here all week. Tip your waitress and drive safely!

Darkest before the dawn

At Jenkins Law PL we’re aware that people often seek out a lawyer in their darkest moments. They come to us frightened, stressed, and vulnerable. They don’t know what the future holds and there’s so much at stake. Some are dealing with the physical, emotional, and financial pain of a personal injury or car accident that has turned their lives upside down. Others might be battling an insurance company to make a claim after a catastrophic event that has devastated their homes, such as a  fire, flood, or hurricane

Whatever it is that brings them to our door or prompts them to pick up the phone and reach out, we know that they’re going through uncertainty and emotional distress. They’re lying awake thinking about medical bills, home repairs, or more. This reminds us of why we became lawyers all those years ago. It was to be there for those who need it. 

Jim, Kelly-Ann, and our entire team offer light. We’ve got compassion, years of experience, and most of all, we get it. We are fans of work hard play hard because that’s how our talented, dedicated team manages to juggle a heavy workload, get the best possible outcome for our deserving clients, and keep a smile on our faces.