Work Hard, Play Hard: Wishing you a Happy ‘Fun at Work Day.’


The rumors are true: we work hard, and we play hard. 

This January 28, why not join us in celebrating National Fun at Work Day? Go on, take a break from all of that back-breaking work and have some fun!

Now, sure, the words ‘fun’ and ‘work’ don’t usually go together in the same sentence.

However, when you have a job that gives you great satisfaction and a dream team that works hard and has each other’s back, the fun can be a daily part of the working week. 

Work hard

Tough day at the office? Yeah, we hear you. It can be hard to learn about what our clients are going through. The personal injury of a cyclist on her way to work. The car accident of the guy on his way home to his family. The family struggling to retrieve the insurance claim to repair the roof that was ravaged in the last hurricane. Stress and uncertainty take their toll after an arrest, accident, or loss.

Sure, our team of experienced attorneys puts every drop of energy into getting these deserving people back on the right path, but it can be heartbreaking to see the struggles that those in our community face, day after day. 

We’re here to share the load. Working hard for you is what gets us up in the morning. Well, that, and copious amounts of strong coffee.

Play hard

Now, the team at Jenkins Law PL deserves some fun now and then. Hard work gets results, and we’re thankful that together we get the job done. You might spot us hanging out at a Tailgate party – Go Bucs! Or we might be spotted sampling fine dining at Sauvignon Wine Locker. Hey, what can we say? We know how to enjoy life.

Kelly-Ann and Jim’s ideas of a good time are running, traveling, and triathlons. Hey, whatever blows your hair back. They also love supporting local community charity and sporting events and taking their rescue dogs with them whenever possible. 

And did you know that Kelly-Ann is currently training for the World Marathon Challenge? Impressive. 

Derek is a family man, a movie buff, and an avid sports fan who roots for the Seminoles, Buccaneers, and Miami Heat.

Back in his College days, Greg was a three-sport athlete on the football, basketball, and track & field teams. These days he loves a little pick-up basketball and riding his bike.

And the rest of the team are so much fun, we would be lost without them. 

Celebrating teamwork

Whether you’re looking to boost the morale at the office, relieve some boredom, or whether you’re looking for an excuse to simply inject more fun into the daily grind, National Fun at Work Day might be just the thing that your hard-working crew deserves.

Many observe the day by playing some games with their co-workers (such as Bingo, an Escape Room, or a Scavenger Hunt). Others go for a silly dress day, with hilarious costumes to keep colleagues laughing long after closing time. Finally, you could arrange some much-needed downtime at a local restaurant and allow people to mix and get to know each other outside of what can be a stressful environment.  

At Jenkins Law P.L. we’re grateful to have a team that’s hardworking and fun, in equal measure. We’re here for our clients, and we’re here for each other. Without that support, our tough job would be a whole lot tougher.

We’d love to hear from you if you need our expert help.