6 Reasons why Cycling to Work is Something to Celebrate


When you cycle, the city opens up to you, and it’s a feeling that’s hard to beat. No longer stuck in mind-numbing bumper-to-bumper traffic jams, or stuffed into a crowded bus or train, hot and frustrated. Just that Florida warm breeze in your face and the open road in front of you. Ah, freedom.

With Cycle to Work Day this month, we think it’s the ideal time to remind ourselves of all the things we love about cycling to our jobs. Let’s take a peek at the top things we love about cycling as part of our daily commute. 

  1. Physical health

No need to schedule in the gym before or after work because few things get the heart pumping better than a cycle. Did you know that the average person will burn 450 to 750 calories per hour cycling? Hey, not bad when you compare that to zero calories burned when driving, right?

  1. Mental health

Tough day at the office? Put it all behind you and pedal away. We think that by the time you reach home, you’ll be feeling much better. Cycling can boost our mood, as it promotes the production of endorphins, dopamine, and serotonin. Cyclists will often refer to the ‘cycling high’ because of the blood pumped through the body by the exercise. 

  1. Money-saving

Let’s add up what it costs to commute by car every day. Tax, insurance, and gas can be pretty expensive. Think also about what a train or bus pass will set you back. Now compare that with the daily expense of cycling, which is zero dollars. Consider also that cycling is free unlike the gym, and you know you’re in better financial shape than ever.  

  1. Environmentally friendly

While the world digests the latest scientific research on the environmental decline, there has never been a better time to leave the car in the driveway and take the bicycle to work. Cycling produces zero emissions or fumes and is a great, no-carbon footprint way to get you to work and back again while making a big difference to the planet.

  1. Fresh air

We spend much of our week indoors under an air conditioning unit. Sometimes, a dose of fresh air in our lungs can be just what we need to get the creative ideas flowing and get the brain in gear for the day ahead. 

  1. Fun

Ok, we challenge you to think of things more fun than freewheeling downhill on a bicycle. Fine, uphill is not so fun! However, cycling can be just as much fun as it was when you were a kid, and isn’t injecting more fun into our responsibility-filled lives something we should all try to achieve?

Stay safe, cyclists

No wonder cycling is so popular here in St Pete. However, let’s remember that Florida is the deadliest state for cyclists.

We think that #CycleToWorkDay is a great opportunity to refresh ourselves on the rules of the road, get our bikes serviced, and brush up on the top tips for exercising outdoors safely.

Getting you back in the saddle after an accident

A bicycle injury can pump the brakes on all that fun and fitness. Compensation is essential for anyone facing medical bills while trying to get their life back in gear, and it can sometimes be a tough fight. 

Jenkins Law P.L has your back. As cyclists ourselves, we understand the dangers you face on the road, and we want to help, with experience and compassion. Give us a call to take the first step.