Top Tips for Protecting Yourself While Exercising Outdoors


Picture the scene. The Florida sun is shining. The wind is in your face. Your new cycling shorts are looking sharp. You do your best thinking when you’re pumping those pedals. You reach the traffic lights and apply your bicycle brakes, but a driver behind you fails to pay attention. BANG! Not the idyllic afternoon you had planned.

With so many people running, cycling and rollerblading on the road, it’s no surprise that there are so many accidents here in Florida. Exercising outdoors comes with a risk, and one person’s negligence behind the wheel can wreak havoc on your life. With dangers lurking at every junction, stay alert. Check out our top tips to keep safe while exercising.

Follow the traffic laws

Traffic laws are there to protect us. Take heed of signs, signals and lane markings. Use the bicycle lanes where you can.

Wear a helmet

Sure, the law states that all bicycle riders under 16 must wear a helmet, but we think everyone cycling or rollerblading should have one. We don’t care what color it is, just make sure it’s properly fitted and securely fastened. Hey, it could save your life.

Social distance

Many things are cancelled due to COVID-19, but keeping fit is not. Stay six feet apart from others on the road, giving other runners as much space as you can. 

Uninsured Motorist Coverage

Having Uninsured Motorist Coverage on your auto policy means you’ll be protected if you’re hit, since many drivers are uninsured or underinsured. Did you know that without it, you might be stuck with the medical bills?


Many exercise garments have little pockets ideal for carrying I.D which will be important if you’re involved in a collision. Your cell phone will also be useful for contacting your nearest and dearest and if necessary, the emergency services.

Be visible

If you’re exercising when it’s dark, make sure motorists can see you by wearing a reflective piece of clothing such as a hat, headband or arm band. If a car can’t see you, it can’t avoid you.

Keep on running

If you’re involved in a collision, try to record as much detail as possible. Your chances of obtaining adequate compensation may improve greatly with an experienced personal injury attorney by your side, advocating aggressively for you. Let Jim Jenkins and Kelly-Ann Jenkins handle the claim while you get yourself better. They understand the methods used by insurance companies and opposing counsel. Remember, compensation will not only cover your medical expenses, but lost wages, counseling, pain and suffering.

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So, keep fit, enjoy the sunshine and stay safe out there