Melbourne Insurance Claims Lawyers


Melbourne Insurance Claims Lawyers

Melbourne Insurance Claims Lawyers

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Sunny Melbourne is a literal crossroads, located in one of the perfect places in Florida. Smack dab between the amusement parks of Orlando and Miami, with its bustling nightlife and amazing beach scene. Melbourne allows ease of access to both these locations with a perfect east coast position. However, just like the rest of Florida, Melbourne is a dangerous place for residences and property. Purchasing insurance policies are necessary to protect your property and the livelihood of your family. 

When first-time buyer purchases a policy, they expect that they will receive the exact compensation that they deserve when they suffer a covered loss! Unfortunately, the world is not a perfect place and neither are insurance firms. They regularly take actions to reduce the amount of compensation they payout on an annual basis. Their goal is to find some way to exclude the damage under the policy, so they can have a legal reason to avoid disbursing the compensation that you actually deserve. They take these actions in order to reduce, deny, and delay compensation payouts! Stuck in one of these situations? Melbourne insurance claim lawyers are the solution for your needs, and Jenkins Law P.L. has experience across the entire state of Florida in handling these insurance claims. We’ve seen almost all situations and the plethora of strategies that insurance companies use to play games! 

There are few common occurrences in Florida that residents seek to cover with their insurance policy. Here are some common categories of damage that may trigger insurance claim payout in Florida!

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Storm and Hurricane Wind Damage

Florida is notorious for its susceptibility to the Atlantic hurricane season. Nearly every year, 1 to 3 major storms blow through the state causing widespread destruction and devastation all throughout their path. Hurricane wind damage is severe and all types of commercial and residential properties are vulnerable in some way. Hurricane-force winds are able to rip off entire roofing structures. If they do not manage this, then some part of the roof is almost guaranteed to suffer some damage. On top of hurricanes, Florida is also a tornado-prone state! While the tornadoes produced here may not be as catastrophic or strong as those of Tornado Alley, they are spontaneous and able to cause substantial damage. 

Hurricane Water Damage 

The wind is not the only deadly threat that hurricane systems pose to Florida residential and commercial owners. The rain and rising water brought along by a hurricane can cause significant damage and flooding. Many Florida homes and commercial buildings are located at or under sea level. This creates a recipe for disaster when considering flood damage. Hurricanes cause water damage in two ways; either the constant pouring rain causing leaks and other water damage or the deadly storm surge causing quick, destructive flooding.

Melbourne Insurance Claims Lawyers

Our Melbourne Insurance Claims Lawyers are dedicated legal professionals who specialize in helping individuals navigate the complexities of insurance claims within the Melbourne area. These experienced lawyers possess a deep understanding of insurance policies, regulations, and the legal intricacies involved in the claims process. Whether you’re dealing with a denied claim, insufficient compensation, or disputes with your insurance provider, Our Melbourne Insurance Claims Lawyers are here to advocate for your rights

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If you live in Melbourne and you have an insurance policy promising to protect your policy, you need to be aware of the best firm of Melbourne insurance claims lawyers!  Jenkins Law P.L. has countless years of experience in handling these insurance claims.  Let us leverage our familiarity with the insurance companies and their tactics to get you the best possible compensation payout today! Contact us

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