Insurance Claim Lawyers in Orlando


Insurance Claim Lawyers in Orlando

Insurance Claim Lawyers in OrlandoTo some, Orlando is the jewel in Florida’s metaphorical crown. Disney rules the area and brings in a massive amount of tourism on a daily basis. Orlando also has a bustling downtown, vibrant nightlife scene, and a variety of retail outlets, bringing even more people and business to the area. Unfortunately, for all these wonderful benefits, there is some downside. Florida is a hazardous place to own personal property. While buying a house in Florida is a dream goal for some, you have to be prepared to obtain adequate insurance to protect your new property. Florida is rife with hazards. From wildfires to wind and water damage, dangerous weather patterns are extremely common occurrences across the state. Having Insurance claim lawyers in Orlando on your side is a must!

With most days of full sunshine in the country, it only takes one dry spell to mean disaster for many residential properties. In addition to this, hurricane season strikes fear into the population for up to half the year. Here are some of the most common categories of insurance claim damage that we handle on a day-to-day basis! 

Water-Related Storm Damage

Hurricane Season is an incredibly dangerous time to own a home or residential property in Florida. With most of the population taking up residence on the coastline, water damage is some of the most serious, impactful, and stressful insurance claims you could have to deal with. The main drive of water-related storm damage comes through the phenomenon of storm surges. As the storm system approaches the coastline, the low pressure has the effect of sucking the tide and water back out into the ocean. This water is redirected and then flooded back to the coast with terrifying speed and force. A storm surge can push much further inland than the coast originally was, causing damage to buildings and homes initially thought to be safe from flood damage.

Heavy Wind Damage

Tropical storms and hurricanes are obviously notorious for their powerful winds and gusts. With winds reaching over 100 mph, these storms are no joke. Wind damage is particularly disastrous for the roofing system of your home. This can cause heavy damage to your roof and cost you a pretty penny in repairs. 

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When you are forced to make a claim for wind damage, the insurance companies often deny or underpay your claim. In a perfect world, all individuals receive appropriate insurance payouts so that they can repair their damages. Unfortunately, we do not live in that world. Insurance companies are for-profit companies. They have a bottom line to improve on, and they strive to cut costs. If given the chance, most insurance companies will avoid the payout of compensation through denial of a claim, underpayment, or delay of it. Jenkins Law P.L. has countless years of experience in handling insurance claim cases, we understand their tactics and strategies and have found the best way to provide the compensation you deserve! Contact us today for help with your insurance claim case!