Does Homeowners Insurance Cover Pipes Bursting?


Does Homeowners Insurance Cover Pipes Bursting?

Does Homeowners Insurance Cover Pipes Bursting?Water damage is one of the most common causes of an insurance claim for many homeowners. It’s also one of the most confusing aspects of coverage in many forms of insurance. If your home has become the victim of flood damage due to a burst pipe, you will definitely want to know whether your policy can cover the damage.

Your Coverage

Water damage inside the home as a result of a burst pipe is not typically covered under standard insurance policy. Outside pipe bursts can cause damage to your home and this can often be cover but you will need to demonstrate that the water damage inside the home did come from a burst pipe. If the water damage occurred as a result of poor maintenance or poor drainage, you could miss out on your claim.

Limitations to Flood Damage

If your insurance company determines that you were at fault for the pipe bursting or there were extended factors due to home maintenance that could have caused the burst, you could be found at fault and be denied any type of insurance compensation. If pipes throughout your home are considered to be corroded or attached to an appliance that malfunction for example, you could be found at fault and denied compensation.

Proper Reporting

When you call your insurance company make sure that you do not use the word flood in your report. Home flood may not be covered under your insurance policy but using the term burst pipe may keep you eligible for coverage. Be sure to describe the issue in detail and avoiding keywords like flood or other aspects that may not be covered under your policy.

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