Celebrating Leo: 5 Lessons That Dogs Teach Us About Life


The passing of our fur baby Leo has been tough. After all, he was such a good boy. Leo was an English Labrador, born in Indiana on 08/01/2006. He was donated to the Purdue Vet School, and in 2008 Jim Jenkins took a call from his dad while he was still at Stetson Law school. 

“You’re getting a dog.”

It was 7 AM, and Jim was about to study for the Bar exam.

“Go to the airport. Pick up this dog. He’s special.”

Turns out, Jim’s dad was correct.

A legendary life

Leo moved homes with Jim and Kelly-Ann Jenkins several times, never complaining. He was a staple at Cinco de May and World Cup parties. Leo often waited for Kelly Ann outside of court and was a cherished office dog. He was also a guard dog and occasional babysitter for the Jenkins family.  Leo and his best friends Kona and TJ were known as the Three Amigos.

Now, although Leo was loving and sweet, he had his moments. His hobbies included chasing hedgehogs and eating all of the food. Often stubborn, Leo was known for disregarding commands. Oh, and once he ate the blinds in Jim and Kelly Ann’s apartment. Ok, and then there was another time when he ate the blinds at a friend’s house. Yes, and then he ate the blinds at an Orlando Law firm partner’s house. In his defense, your honor, blinds are delicious.

But hey, we wouldn’t change a thing about him.

On 07/28/2021 in Leo’s last moments, Kelly Ann and Jim held his head as he peacefully crossed the rainbow bridge while at home with his family.

Throwing a Celebration of Life Pawty was a great way to gather everyone who was touched by Leo’s 15 years of life, and an opportunity to support Pet Pal Animal Shelter.

So, here’s to you, Leo. Your life was nothing short of legendary.

The wisdom of dogs

Our dogs teach us so much without us even realizing it. Here are the top 5 life lessons that we take from the dogs in our life.

  1. Loyalty

Anyone with a dog in their life will testify to their loyalty – no matter what. Others will tell you that their dog is their lifeline. From best friends to service dogs to emotional support dogs, their loyalty is key.

  1. Live in the moment

We love how after a long day in the office or at court, our dogs are always happy to see us, and never resentful of us when we desperately want to exercise or feed them but are running late. 

  1. Selflessness

Dogs themselves are selfless, and they teach us to be selfless too – that’s because they depend on us for their food, clean water, medical care, and exercise needs. They give us purpose and direction.

  1. Unconditional love

Dogs are not impressed by how many legal cases we win, they just love us for being ourselves. That love is never failing, always faithful, and with no expectations – what a way to live your life!

  1. Enjoyment

A dog’s happiness is contagious, and we always get a kick out of seeing the way they enjoy simple pleasures. Even at fifteen, Leo was excited by a tennis ball, dinner bowl, or when we reached for our walking shoes. It’s the little things in life that give dogs the most enjoyment, let’s aim for that. 


Leo’s legacy

If Leo has taught us anything, it’s to live our lives to the best of our ability, and that our purpose is to help others. The love and loyalty that we get from dogs enrich our lives and inspires us to do better. 

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