Active Dog Month We’re Up for the Challenge!

Active Dog Month: We’re Up for the Challenge!


Last month we celebrated National Puppy Day, and this April is Active Dog Month. You’re officially invited to get involved by spending the month of April being more active with your dog. Let’s get our four-legged friends more healthy, happy, and active. Are you up for the challenge?

Active Dog Month was started by blogger and creator of Om Shanti Pups, Natasha Thompson, when she noticed that her dog was also feeling cabin fever during a long winter in Alaska.

Some fun ideas to celebrate include:

  1. Taking advantage of our sunny weather and finding some new dog walking routes,
    keeping both you and your dog in good physical shape. Change it up, explore and discover a new forest, beach, or trail.
  2. Setting up a puzzle or challenge for your dogs in your yard to keep their minds in
    top shape. Dogs love nose work, as well as hide and seek using some lip-smacking treats – it sharpens their senses and keeps them interested.
  3. Teaching your dog a new trick to tire them out mentally. Sitting and staying are fantastic obedience commands that can be introduced or brushed up on, and your dog will love your affection or a treat as a reward for ‘fetch’.
  4. Playing games. The park is the perfect place to set up a game of frisbee, and your dog will love it. If those tennis balls are looking well chewed, treat your dog to some new toys. You’ll be surprised how an older dog will spring back to acting like a puppy when a bouncy ball is introduced.
  5. Sharing the fun. Get creative on social media with photos and updates, using the hashtag #ActiveDogMonth to encourage friends and family to join in.

Now, it’s no secret that we’re big dog lovers. We think every home and every office should have a dog. And if you still need convincing, here are the top reasons why having a dog enriches your life.


Hail, rain, or shine, who can resist those big puppy eyes when it’s time for walks? Even when you’re not in the mood, we know you’ll come back from that walk around the block feeling better than ever. Walking is a gentle exercise if you’re recovering from a personal injury as you’re not likely to strain yourself. It’s also a great way to burn calories and keep your heart healthy!


In times of stress, dogs are there for us. They’re smart and emotionally tuned in. The team at Jenkins Law PL can personally testify that when they’ve had a ruff day in the office taking on an insurance company over an unfair claim dismissal, or are wrung out from battling for their clients in the courtroom, office dogs Cain, Blue, and Leo are right there with cuddles and unconditional love.



Owning a dog means that you have to put their needs – medical, food, shelter, and exercise – first, and it’s a great way to teach kids that dogs are a member of the family that need care are responsibility. We think you’ll agree, this all comes back to us (times 100) in love and loyalty.

Ready to be by your side

Kelly-Ann and Jim Jenkins love to train for races and triathlons, and owning a dog is a key part of their fitness routine. Their dogs help to keep them in top condition physically and mentally, so they can focus on getting the best possible outcomes for their clients.

So, whatever you’re worried about, whether it’s an insurance claim or a personal injury case, we’re ready for the challenge. All you need to do is get in touch and we’ll be by your side.