Why Every Office Needs a Dog


At Jenkins Law, we are dog lovers, through and through. And while we love our furry friends at home, we decided that dogs should be part of our work-life also. And why not? Not only are dogs fun to have around, but they’re also scientifically proven to promote positive work environments.

Last month was International Dog Day, and we realized how lucky we are to have
dogs by our side as we work hard for our clients. Here are our top reasons we think
every office needs a best friend.

1. Calming

Tough day at the office? Work piling up? Dogs are natural stress relievers, and
studies show that interacting with a dog at work lowers blood pressure as well as the stress hormone cortisol. Just give our newest office dog, Stella, a belly rub, and feel your shoulders drop. She’s paws down the best distraction when you need a break, and she instinctively knows when someone needs some pet therapy.

2. Exercise

We all know that sitting for eight hours at a desk staring at a computer screen can be bad for posture, eyesight, and energy levels, whereas exercise gives us a rush of
happy hormones. What better motivation to cut the invisible chains around your desk and break out for some sunlight than a dog who’s very happy to join you outdoors?

Whether just a five-minute walk around the block or a lunchtime trip to the park, dogs help us inject some exercise and fresh air into our workday, giving us a healthier, more balanced lifestyle.

You’ll only have to ask our office dog, Leo, for a walk once because he’ll jump at the
chance. He’ll even wait like a good boy while his mommy Kelly-Ann Jenkins is in
court, with a waggy tail upon her return.

3. Mental breaks

As well as stretching and taking exercise, regular mental breaks are also
recommended for those working in an office. It’s not healthy to problem solve all day long – take a break and talk to a dog, you’ll be surprised how clearly you’ll think once you return to your computer!

4. Client friendly

The people that we help here at Jenkins Law PL might be having a rough day –
perhaps they’ve had a personal injury, or maybe they’re battling an insurance
company on a hurricane or hail claim. Now, imagine the kind of meet and greet
they’re going to get coming to our office. We think that office dogs make for a
friendlier, more approachable, and welcoming atmosphere and our clients say that it puts them immediately at ease.

5. Staff morale

Having a dog pal in the office undeniably boosts the mood around. For starters, they promote conversations, lower tensions, and promote social interactions among colleagues, as well as increase productivity and staff retention. Having a dog means that the whole office is sharing both the enjoyment and responsibility, so it’s the ultimate in teamwork. Overall, dogs heighten job satisfaction and make a workplace friendlier.

There for you

Dogs teach us so much, and we’re proud to support local dog charities, including Pet Pal Animal Shelter and Friends of Strays.

One of the things we love most about dogs is their loyalty; they’re there for us no
matter what. To find out more about our work and how we can be there for you, even on those dog days, just get in touch.