Best Personal Injury Attorney in St. Petersburg


Best Personal Injury Attorney in St. Petersburg

Are you seeking the best personal injury attorney in St. Petersburg Florida?

If you’ve suffered a personal injury and are looking for the compensation you deserve it’s important that you hire the best personal injury attorney in St. Petersburg. There’s no reason why you should have to experience a massive change in your quality of life as a result of someone’s negligent behavior. Managing your condition and ensuring that you get the proper compensation means finding a knowledgeable personal injury attorney in St. Petersburg.

If you are looking for a personal injury attorney that has the experience, Jenkins Law will deliver a superior quality service in the greater St. Petersburg area. The team at Jenkins Law will provide assistance in personal injury cases, car accidents as well as bicycle injuries. Here are some of the top advantages that you will receive by choosing Jenkins Law PL for your personal injury case.


Jenkins law became the best personal injury attorney in St. Petersburg by treating every case on an individual basis. It’s our goal to never treat our clients like just another number, we take the time to learn the individual nuances of your case as well as determine which type of lawsuit may be appropriate to access ideal compensation for your needs. We want to develop an in-depth legal strategy that is tailored to your specific claim. We realize that no two injuries are the same and your circumstances need to be validated in order for you to focus on recuperating and enjoying a better quality of life.

Our Experience

We have managed a series of personal injury cases ranging from car accidents, and bicycle accidents to negligence. We understand the impact their personal injury can have on a person’s life. They can change your routine and prevent you from engaging in the lifestyle that you’ve grown accustomed to, if you have been the victim of an accident that is in no way your fault, we will perform a thorough investigation to help you get the compensation you need for a better quality of life.

Impact On Your Compensation

With our level of experience, you could substantially increase your chances of receiving the money that you deserve. We will help you get the compensation that can cover lost wages, medical expenses, ongoing pain and suffering, counseling, trauma, and more.

We Are Aggressive Advocates

Any case that we represent first starts with a strong knowledge base. We want to ensure that we will know your case from all angles and deliver an informed approach to your lawsuit. As a knowledge-based litigation team, it’s our goal to learn your case and then aggressively advocate on your behalf. Being an insurance claim attorney, we are no strangers to working with insurance companies as well as advocating with private businesses to ensure that you will have a proper process for assessing your personal injury case. We want to work as expert negotiators to help you receive the compensation that you deserve.

Ongoing Guidance

The process of a personal injury case can be a stressful one. Our team is knowledgeable and extremely understanding with each one of our clients. We want to act as your representative as well as provide ongoing legal recommendations and advice throughout your case. We want to walk you through the process of your personal injury case and ensure that you will always get the legal advice you need to reduce your stress levels. Going through an accident is stressful enough, managing a case or lawsuit can often be a difficult process and with our legal team, we will manage your stress levels and work with your family through the process of your case.

Our Established Online Reviews

With the sheer number of cases that we have handled, we have many satisfied clients. We publish our reviews online and we always welcome feedback from our clients on how we can improve in the future.

Our Work In St. Petersburg

As well as having years of legal experience in Florida personal injury law, our team has been working in St. Petersburg for many years. We have established a legal network of investigators and we are well versed in working with insurance companies in this area. With the network of contacts that we have established and our reputation in this area, we will act as your ideal representative as the best personal injury attorney in St. Petersburg.

If you’ve been the victim of an accident or you are considering opening up a personal injury lawsuit in St. Petersburg Florida, contact us today. By contacting us early we will work at forming a quality case based on the evidence of your injuries. We want to ensure that you will get quality legal representation in St. Petersburg from the most knowledgeable legal team in personal injury. Jenkins Law PL is here for you.