St Petersburg These Are a Few of Our Favorite Things

St Petersburg: These Are a Few of Our Favorite Things


Ah, St Petersburg. We challenge you to find a cooler, hipper, more fun city. We can’t imagine living and working anywhere else! And although it’s tough to just pick our favorites, we want to share what we love most about St Pete.

The New Pier

Anyone who hasn’t been to the downtown St. Pete area may find it hard to
recognize, as it has changed dramatically. In our opinion, the biggest and best change to the St Pete landscape is the stunning new 26-acre pier.


St Pete is home to the largest waterfront entertainment district in the South-eastern US. Pretty impressive. Whether you’re relaxing, exercising, partying, or eating out, there’s something for everyone. One of our favorite things to do after a long day in the courtroom is to raise a glass to our friends and clients by the fire pit in a tiki hut. Make that a skinny margarita as the sun is going down over St Pete, and you’re in for a treat.

Sports Heaven

You know us. We enjoy a run on the beach followed by a cold beer, and the Madeira Beach 5k series and the St Pete Run Fest are always fantastic events. Sponsoring races like the Best Damn Race is always good fun and a great way to give back to the community. For sports lovers, St Pete packs a punch. We’ve got kickboxing, paddle boarding and so much more.


We love a good party, especially when it’s for a good cause, and the highlight of the year is living it up at St. Pete Pride. 2020 has been a tough year for everyone, so here’s to Pride 2021, everyone!


The people of St. Pete are the best when it comes to getting behind a good cause, which makes it a special place to live. We put our paws together for local charities like Pet Pal Animal Shelter, Friends of Strays, and Florida All Retriever Rescue, who we love working with. Just ask our newest office dog, Cane, and he will confirm that St. Pete folks are the best at gathering toys and supplies. Also, he says that they give the best belly rubs, but he might be biased.

Forever home

Now, Kelly-Ann Jenkins is a Florida girl and grew up in Ormond Beach, but Jim Jenkins, on the other hand, moved to St Petersburg in 2005 to attend law school. He chose Florida for law school because he was following a girl…hint, they’re still together today. It was here at Stetson University College of Law that Jim fell in love with the city of St Petersburg. These days, Jim and Kelly-Ann consider the city to be their forever home. After all, their colleagues, friends, and neighbors are all here and home is where the heart is. Your friendly neighborhood lawyers. So, if you see Jim Jenkins or Kelly-Ann Jenkins out and about, be sure to say hi, and tell them what you love about St. Pete. Or better still, visit the St Pete office, located at 275 96th Ave N #5.

At Jenkins Law P.L., we’re proud to be a part of this amazing community, and that means that we put up a fight for our friends and neighbors when they need us. If you’re ever in need of someone to stand up for you, call us and we’ll be in your corner.We’re all in this together, and we love our community. We got this, St. Pete.