Business, Interrupted


Business, Interrupted: How Jenkins Law Can Help With Your Business Interruption Policy Claim

It’s easy to see why many businesses choose to take out business interruption insurance. These policies cover the loss of income that a business suffers after a disaster. It’s different from property insurance, since that only covers the physical damage to the business, whereas the additional coverage of business interruption insurance covers the profits that would have been earned. Business interruption insurance is designed to put a business in the same financial position it would be in if no losses occurred. 

Denied, delayed or undervalued

Now, imagine you or a family member have a claim that’s denied, delayed or undervalued. This is the upsetting reality for many people, as many business owners are experiencing a refusal to respond to claims for loss of income and continuing operating expenses. In these times that we’re living through, the next wave of litigation is going to be business interruption claims. 

It appears that insurers are taking a firm line globally on the extent to which businesses can expect to be indemnified for their losses from Covid-19. With the prospect of widespread closures extending to small businesses and retail, this is understandably causing increased frustration within the business community. 

Closer to home, Florida insurance companies have experienced adjusters and attorneys working on their side to help them save as much as they can. 

In the event that a dispute arises on the conditions required to secure indemnity, legal action may be required to compel performance of the contract of insurance or compensate businesses. 

On your side

Sounds like you need an experienced lawyer for insurance claims in your corner. Don’t let your business be left out to dry. Jim Jenkins and Kelly-Ann Jenkins have the knowledge and experience, and you can count on them to help. 

Jenkins Law P.L. handle a variety of insurance claims, and we make sure that insurance companies honor their obligations under your policy. We have significant experience handling insurance claims, and we know the tactics used by insurance companies. Best of all, we know how to prevent insurance companies form playing games and how to get results. 

So, call Jenkins Law today for a free consultation. Our team is adaptive and creative, and we know how to think outside the box. Rest assured that we have your best interest at heart. We’re passionate about St. Pete, and the people and businesses that make up our great community. As one of our recent clients put it in his testimonial: ‘good people, and good at it.’

So, let’s roll our sleeves up and get that claim sorted. We’ve got this, St. Pete!