Insurance Claims Attorney in Florida

4 Questions to Ask Before Hiring an Insurance Claims Attorney in Florida


4 Questions to Ask Before Hiring an Insurance Claims Attorney in Florida

If you are in need of an attorney to handle insurance claims where the insurance company will not pay out their property damages, you are going to need a professional that you can really count on. Before hiring an insurance claims attorney in Florida to take on your insurance claim case, here are some of the top questions that you will need to ask yourself in order to prepare your case:

Why is my insurance company denying my claim?

Understand why your property damage insurance claim is being disputed. Your coverage may be denied due to a disagreement on what is damaged and the extent of the damage throughout your home. You might also have some gaps in coverage, or the insurance company may deny your entire claim due to a technicality in the policy.  Your insurance company or by its adjusters that are handling your case may be acting in bad faith.

Will an attorney help my case?

Working with an attorney can be very helpful in getting the settlement that you deserve. If your dispute is about coverage over the total amount of damage to your home, an attorney can help negotiate your claim. A claim negotiation will require claim expertise and a working knowledge of the origin of damage, your property and more. 

How long will it take to resolve my claim?

In Florida, the litigation process can be lengthy. The duration of this process depends on the insurance company on the other side, the attorney on the other side, and the court’s schedule in your county.  As is common when dealing with an insurance dispute, the insurance companies will deny the claim, delay the claim, and defend the claim. One of their main strategies in litigation is to delay as much as possible. They hope you “give up” and agree to take a lesser amount.  An experienced insurance attorney understands these tactics and will work hard to expedite the resolution of your claim.  

Is it possible to resolve the dispute without a lawsuit?

You may have some options to resolve your insurance dispute outside of court.  You should contact an experienced insurance attorney right away to discuss all the available options. Jenkins Law P.L. has extensive experience in defending the people of St Pete in their claim. Contact us today for a free consultation!