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If you are looking for a cookie-cutter law firm, you have come to the wrong place.  The team at Jenkins Law will not view you as a number, take notes on your case and then move onto the next client, or will choose not to help you because your case is too difficult. The team at Jenkins Law is adaptive, open-minded, and is anything but standard. 

Both Jim Jenkins and Kelly-Ann Jenkins think outside the box and let their creativity, ingenuity, and desire to always achieve optimal results run wild, like the “law dogs” that are constantly roaming around their office. Their practice first began in 2013 and ever since they have been utilizing their expertise to benefit the St. Petersburg community both inside and outside of the courtroom. They specialize in personal injury and insurance claims and have formulated an impactful process to assist their clients in the most efficient way possible. 

“No one wants to talk to a lawyer”

It is commonly known that “no one wants to talk to a lawyer” and Jim and Kelly-Ann understand that. To differentiate themselves, they focus on being approachable, friendly, and most importantly, genuine. When a potential client presents them with a specific situation, they will listen and will provide options to best handle the scenario. 

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Their desire to listen and learn goes much farther than the courtroom. Jim and Kelly-Ann are constantly traveling to new locations to experience different cultures, ways of life, and to see all of nature’s beauty. Recently they took part in a Wine Marathon in Bordeaux, went hiking on a glacier in New Zealand, and met Kristofer Hivju, the actor who plays Tormund Giantsbane in Game of Thrones in Norway. They are also on a hunt to see all 50 states, which is a challenge they view with much excitement. 

Even though they’re on the go and have the capabilities to sue someone from a beach in Bora Bora and settle a case in Argentina, Jim and Kelly-Ann always return to their home, located in the Old Southeast neighborhood in St. Petersburg, Florida. By their home, Jim and Kelly-Ann really mean their dogs home – TJ, who was the main inspiration for the purchase. Residing in St. Pete, both Jim and Kelly-Ann are active within the community as business owners, investors, chamber members, and athletes. Jenkins Law even had a booth set up at St. Pete Run Fest, an annual event that draws athletes from all over the state to the streets of St. Pete for an epic weekend of running and excitement. 

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During the other weekends of the year, Jim and Kelly-Ann can be found helping in dog shelters, planning out their annual Rainbros event, getting a day named after them in Scranton, Pennsylvania, or planning out their next big adventure.

Even with all of the exciting activities that fill up Jim and Kelly-Ann’s schedule they never cease to provide optimal results for their clients. They are passionate about St. Pete, about traveling, and most importantly, about the people who trust them to look out for their best interests. With the knowledge to work a courtroom and fully analyze a case, Jim and Kelly-Ann are proud to offer their many years of experience to those who reside all over Florida. 

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