Protect Your Florida Home from Wildfires This Summer


Florida residents will recall the devastation caused by the 1998 wildfires when over half a million acres and 50 homes were destroyed in just one night. The emotional and physical impact of wildfires can be huge, and the smoke and fire damage can be devastating to homeowners. 

The majority of wildfires in Florida are caused by humans, through arson or escaped debris burning, and the rest are caused by lightning. Almost all areas within the state of Florida are susceptible to fire. Weather factors such as wind speed, temperature, and humidity all determine the severity of the wildfire. Florida’s dry and breezy conditions mean that a wildfire can break out at any time of the year. 

Here are our top tips on protecting both yourself and your home from a Florida wildfire.

Protect your family

Follow wildfire warnings and instructions from local officials, so that you and your family can stay safe in the event of a wildfire. You may be asked to evacuate if a wildfire threatens your local area. Talk to your family about your evacuation plan and prepare an emergency supply kit with essentials, including medications and pet needs.

Protect your home

Ways to protect your home include:

  1. Create a 30 feet defensible space around your home in order to keep fires away from structures. Avoid tall plants under windows or vents connected to the home. Fire-resistant ground coverings such as rocks or bark mulch are preferable to tall plants.
  2. Eliminate fuel sources from your yard, mow tall grass to reduce possible fuel for the wildfire, and thin out trees on your property. 
  3. Upgrade the exterior materials of your property to fire-resistant materials, such as shingles, roofing tiles, and fiberglass. 
  4. Keep roof and gutters free from leaves, sticks, and debris because this material is flammable.

Don’t get burned by fire damage insurance claims

Most Florida homeowners have fire insurance, but some realize too late that wildfires are not covered in their policy. Make sure your policy ensures that the coverage is sufficient to allow you to rebuild.

Time is of the essence when it comes to fire damage insurance claims, and an investigation must be carried out. Remember to keep photos or video of the damage sustained by the fire, and keep receipts for repair work or replacement items. Maintaining a running inventory of the contents of your home is wise. 

Dealing with insurance companies can be frustrating. Fire insurance claims can be denied or delayed, and you’ll need a reputable Florida insurance claims lawyer to cut through the red tape. We’ll be by your side throughout the process, just call us to get started. Years of experience in the area of insurance claims means that we know how to aggressively fight for the best possible outcome. Whether your property has suffered a partial or total loss, we’ll keep the process moving forward by reviewing all information pertaining to your claim and handling the communication with the insurer, securing you the maximum compensation that you deserve.