Insurance Claim

When Can I File an Insurance Claim in Florida?


Insurance ClaimWhen damage occurs throughout the exterior of your home or in a condominium one of your first thoughts may be getting insurance coverage as soon as possible. Hurricane, fire, flood, and mold damage can all be contributing factors that will displace your family for the future. With an insurance claim in Florida, you will want to consider the option of contacting a lawyer before you start the claim. 

Working with an insurance claims attorney will ensure that you will be covered even for substantial damage to your home as a result of a hurricane. There are some insurance policies in Florida that have gaps in their coverage. Certain insurance policies may not cover damage related to mold or flooding, and you may have a higher deductible for damage caused by natural disasters, like hurricanes. 

By learning what’s covered and what is excluded under your insurance policy, you can put yourself in a position for the best financial outcome. 

Contacting an insurance attorney as soon as you have recorded the damage to your home is a great first step. Sometimes, even if you are keeping precise records, delivering the relevant claim, and submitting all of the appropriate evidence, you can still get stuck in a pending state with your insurance claim. When you are waiting to hear a response from your insurer, having an insurance claims attorney or public adjuster on your side can help speed up the process.

Working with a lawyer can be especially helpful if your insurance company is significantly delaying or if they are denying or undervaluing your claim.  A professional insurance attorney will also be able to work as your advocate, ensuring that the insurance company will remain timely in their responses. If your insurance company is acting in bad faith, you may be entitled to additional compensation. 

If you need to speed up your insurance claim, understand your coverage, or simply have a representative to work with your insurance company, contact us today.