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Top 6 Most Memorable Movie Lawyers


Love them or hate them, we bet if we say “movie lawyer” to you, you’ll conjure up an iconic movie clip. We’ve been watching lawyers portrayed on the big screen since we were kids. They’ve given us drama, action, humor, suspense, and moral dilemmas. They’ve given us shiny suits and fighting for the underdog. Best of all, they’ve given us some pretty awesome catchphrases. 

So, just for fun, today we’re sharing our top 6 most memorable movie lawyers: from the sassy to the brave, and the downright hilarious. 

#1 Rudy Baylor, The Rainmaker 

We have to kick this off with underdog lawyer Rudy Baylor (played by Matt Damon) who struggles to get work and ends up working for a lawyer with questionable morals. As he fights a fraudulent insurance company, we love his compassion and ethics.

#2 Lieutenant Daniel Kaffee, A Few Good Men

Be honest. You’re screaming “You can’t handle the truth!” aren’t you? Tom Cruise’s performance as the plea-bargaining military lawyer defending low-ranking marines charged with murder still gives us shivers. 

#3 Erin Brockovich

OK, Erin Brockovich (played by Julia Roberts) wasn’t a lawyer, however, has enough sass and fight in her to earn a place on the list. Erin assisted Ed Masry to fight for justice following the illegal dumping of toxic material into local water sources, all while wearing impossibly high heels and making us all want to be better people. 

Our favorite line is: “Do they teach lawyers to apologize? Cause you suck at it.”

#4 Elle Woods, Legally Blonde

The inventor of the band and snap, Elle is iconic for helping others and standing up for what she believes in – all while toting an adorable dog in her purse and wearing various cute pink outfits. Oh, and that Harvard Law School submission video? Classic.

#5 Andrew Beckett, Philadelphia

Hats off to the personal injury lawyer Joe Miller (played by Denzel Washington) who defends Andrew Beckett (played by Tom Hanks) when his employment contract (also as a lawyer) is wrongfully terminated because of his AIDS diagnosis. Based on a true story, this movie is a tearjerker and jam-packed with emotion. 

#6 Atticus Finch in To Kill a Mockingbird

This memorable courtroom drama is a timeless classic, and it brought life to the Harper Lee book that many of us read in high school. Gregory Peck plays the role of Atticus Finch, defending a black man against false allegations of rape. 

Real-life justice

One thing we do have in common with movie lawyers is our conviction and determination to get justice. Now, we might not be killing it in Hollywood these days, but we’re absolutely smashing it in St. Pete. And you know, we wouldn’t have it any other way. And while our lawyer lives might be not quite as glamorous as the movie lawyers, we can’t imagine doing anything else. 

Since Jim and Kelly-Ann Jenkins were kids, long before their years at Stetson University studying for the bar exam, they knew they wanted a career fighting for those who needed them. 

Since then, they’ve won countless legal cases and have built up expertise in personal injury and home insurance claims. They’ve established a successful team and hey, they’ve had a lot of fun along the way.

And the thing is, as much as we love the glitz and glam of Hollywood, at Jenkins Law PL you’ll find real-life lawyers that will stay by your side when it truly counts. We’ll guide you through the maze of claiming for a traumatic personal injury or putting up a legendary fight to help restore your home after a fire, flood, or hurricane.

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