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Natural disasters or accidents can cause havoc in the lives of people all over the world. An insurance company refusing to pay a claim is not something that an individual should have to deal with when their life has been changed. It is best to contact an experienced Pinellas County attorney for insurance and help you get your life back on track. Our Pinellas Park personal injury lawyer is here to help you get just compensation.

When you are searching for the best insurance attorney in Pinellas County, it’s essential you ask the right questions. Qualified Pinellas County insurance attorneys will have years of experience to provide you with the answers that you need surrounding your insurance policy case. When seeking an insurance attorney for a property case, personal injury case, or any other form of insurance law, you need to make sure that you end up with the very best in Pinellas County.

Finding someone that will represent you well is crucial. It is because insurance companies often deny claims or pay the minimum amount on their claims. This could have you lose out on a large sum of money or result in unpaid damages to your home.


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Important Questions to Ask Before Hiring an Insurance Attorney

1. How Long Have You Been Working in Insurance Law?

The number of years that an attorney has been practicing law can be an important first question. As well as the number of years that they have been practicing and handling insurance claims. If a prospective attorney that you might work with has a full team with plenty of experience in insurance law, it’s likely that you’ll be in very good hands when it comes to fighting your case.

2. How Many Cases Have You Handled?

With years of experience in insurance law, a professional insurance attorney needs to have some experience at trial. As well as experience with multiple cases. When an attorney has experience with multiple cases, they can remain quite adaptive to your case. Making sure that you are working with an attorney that can quickly make modifications to your case and prepare it quite easily is crucial. Understanding the total number of cases that an attorney has handled will help you get through your insurance claim and access compensation faster.

3. When Should We Start Preparing My Case?

The insurance claim process takes a long time. It’s not uncommon for many insurance companies to draw out the process of your compensation. When your claim is denied or takes an extensive amount of time, it’s a wise idea to start contacting various attorneys. After you receive an initial denial, you may have to perform an appeal. This is when it is a crucial time to speak to an attorney so that you can begin preparing your case and reviewing any evidence in your claim.

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Contact Jenkins Law P.L. if you have a legal problem that involves an insurance dispute. Jenkins Law has experts in Florida insurance law. We can help you with any type of legal issue, including personal injury, property damage, and claims involving disability. Our Pinellas Park personal injury lawyer has got you covered! When it comes to property damage claims in Pinellas County, insurers often refuse to pay the amount due to individuals and businesses.

If you’re involved in an accident that results in injury, filing a Pinellas County uninsured motorist claim can be a difficult task. Jenkins Law will stand by you and get the financial assistance you deserve. You should first speak to an experienced Pinellas Park personal injury lawyer.

For a free consultation regarding your insurance case in Pinellas County, call Jenkins Law P.L. at 866) 668-4182. Kelly-Ann Jenkins, a Florida lawyer, can help you make the right decisions about your legal insurance issues.



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