Lessons in Being a Team Player: Introducing Miami United FC Youth


Being a team player will get you far in this life. From working as part of a team in your career to being there for your community, team players are what make us great. 

The coaches of Miami United FC Youth are no exception. They’re there for the young players, teaching them a skill that they’ll carry into their adult lives. We celebrate their dedication to these young athletes and thank them for their involvement.

The Jenkins Law team is proud and excited to announce that we have signed up as bronze level sponsors of Miami United FC Youth for the 2020- 2021 seasonal year. 

MUFC are on the ball

The executive director of MUFC, Mr. Mayowa Owalabi, tells us more about what the club does for young people and about our collaboration.

We are extremely excited and grateful to have Jenkins Law P.L. step up and become the club’s first Sponsor of the 2020 – 2021 seasonal year. During these unprecedented times during a National Pandemic, it speaks volumes that Jenkins Law P.L. is willing to help and support our Youth Soccer Club! This Sponsorship will allow our organization to pay more attention to our members who need financial assistance to play this beautiful game! The financial commitment from Jenkins Law P.L. will allow our organization to offer financial aid and scholarships to players who need assistance to participate in our programs. Without this assistance from Jenkins Law P.L, some of these players would not be able to play and we are once again very appreciative to Jenkins Law P.L.!”

The benefits for kids in being part of a team

Anyone who has ever been part of a team in their youth will tell you that it has taught them so much. The benefits of being part of a team when you are young include:

  • The value of committing to something. When a team is depending on you, you turn up to practice come rain or shine.
  • When others need you, you’ve got their back and they’ve got yours.
  • Not everyone on a team will be best friends. Learning to communicate and deal with conflicts within a team is a skill that lasts a lifetime.
  • Each member of a team has a special skill – something that they’re good at. Kids learn to develop their talents and abilities, whether they’re the star striker or the defensive players.
  • Being part of a team means that you’re included in many fun and challenging events – competitions and matches take us out of our comfort zone and help us reach our potential.  

On your team

Jim and Kelly-Ann Jenkins know what it takes to be part of a winning team. Together with their dream team, they are standing up for the people of Florida when they need it most. 

Jenkins Law PL is on your team if you have suffered a personal injury such as a bicycle collision or a car accident. We are on your team when it comes to helping you to settle an insurance claim following fire, flood, or hurricane. Together, we will get you the results that you and your family deserve. Because we’re in this together.