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Property Damage Attorney


 Looking for a property damage attorney? Jenkins Law P.L has extensive experience serving the people of Florida with all their property damage claim needs, we’ve handled thousands of unique cases across the state, big and small, and have helped to deliver families their deserved compensation!

Purchasing homeowner’s insurance is an extreme necessity for those who live in Florida, there is a wide range of natural forces that constantly rage through the state. With so many property damage claims being filed in Florida, the market for property damage attorneys has become diverse and it has become to discern the true professionals.

To make matters worse, insurance companies have an extreme amount of knowledge and experience when it comes to handling these Florida insurance policies. They also have armies of lawyers available to search the case from head to toe. And they figure out a way to either underpay, delay, or deny your insurance claim! With these potential pitfalls, it is important to have the best help on your side.

Jenkins Law P.L is the premier property damage law firm in Florida! When it comes to Florida specifically, there are a few factors that you should keep in mind when it comes to property damage and specifically causes it! 


Common Causes of Property Damage in Florida

The most common culprit of property damage requiring insurance in Florida is the terrible storms that frequently tear across the state. No state feels the brunt of hurricane season more than Florida. Almost every year some sort of hurricane has an impact on some part of the state. Florida is also liable to take the full brunt of hurricanes. You could only imagine the damage that these frequent hurricanes can cause to residents. Hurricanes cause damage primarily in two ways: through brutal winds or devastating water flood damage. The first source of damage is easy to see. The hurricane-force wind is powerful enough to rip shingles off and cause damage to other areas of the roof.

To make matters worse, powerful enough winds blow branches off trees onto your roof. Worst-case scenario, even an entire tree could fall! Powerful winds regularly cause structural damage, but flooding is a different beast entirely. On average, Florida is mostly at sea level, and flooding from storms is extremely quick to cause damage. A home in a low elevation area can quickly see water surge and cause damage to their home.


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Other Property Insurance Disputes in Florida

One of the most common property insurance disputes in Florida is damage caused by hurricanes. These powerful storms can cause significant damage to homes and businesses, and insurance companies may dispute the extent of the damage or the cost of repairs.

Another common dispute is water damage, whether it be from flooding or leaks. Insurance companies may deny claims for water damage, arguing that it was caused by poor maintenance or pre-existing conditions.

Mold and other forms of property damage can also lead to disputes with insurance companies. These types of damage can be difficult to prove and may be denied by insurance companies.

Finally, policyholders may find themselves in disputes over denied or underpaid claims. Insurance companies may not provide the full amount of compensation that policyholders believe they are entitled to, leading to disputes over the amount of the claim.


The Claims Process in Florida

The first step in the claims process is to file a claim with your insurance company. This can be done by contacting the company directly or through an agent. The insurance company will then investigate the claim and adjust the amount of compensation based on their findings.

If you are not satisfied with the outcome of the investigation or the amount of the claim, you can appeal the decision. This typically involves providing additional information or evidence to support your claim.


Hiring a Property Damage Attorney

While policyholders can navigate the claims process on their own, there may be situations where it is beneficial to hire a property insurance attorney. These situations include:

  • Denied or underpaid claims
  • Complex or high-value claims
  • Difficulties in proving the extent of the damage or the cost of repairs
  • Disputes over policy coverage or exclusions

When hiring a property insurance attorney, it is important to look for qualifications such as experience in the field, a successful track record of handling similar cases, and knowledge of the insurance laws in Florida.

The benefits of working with an attorney include their ability to provide expert advice, represent you in negotiations and appeals, and take legal action if necessary.


Litigation and Trial

In some cases, property insurance disputes may end up in litigation. This is the process of taking legal action against the insurance company in court.

The litigation process can be complex and time-consuming, and it is important to have an attorney who can guide you through the process and represent you in court.

Preparing for trial involves gathering evidence and witnesses, and building a case to present to the judge and jury. An attorney can help you with this process and provide the legal expertise necessary to present your case in the best possible light.

In conclusion, property insurance is a crucial aspect of protecting yourself as a homeowner in Florida. However, disputes with insurance companies can arise, and it is important to have the proper representation to ensure that you receive the compensation to which you are entitled.

A property insurance attorney can provide expert advice and representation throughout the claims process, including appeals, negotiations, and litigation. If you find yourself facing a property insurance dispute, it is important to seek legal representation to protect your rights and interests.


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Insurance companies have extensive knowledge of all of this. They also use this to play rough when it comes to paying out insurance claims. It is vital you have the right property damage attorney to back you. They can fight it out so you can get the compensation you deserve!

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