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How the facts of an accident are presented can affect the compensation awarded for Jenkins Law car accidents. Jenkins Law car accident Attorney in Oldsmar can help accident victims win their cases and receive payment.

Jenkins Law Car Accident Attorney

Even a minor car accident can cause severe injury or mental distress to victims months or even years later. Even a minor collision can result in serious injuries or mental pain. This is especially true if a pre-existing medical condition or other extenuating circumstances exist.

You may have questions about filing a claim for a car accident in Jenkins Law. These include where to file and whether to leave it to the insurance company. James S. Jenkins III wants to offer you more information about whether to seek legal counsel.

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Common Causes of Car Accidents

A variety of factors can cause accidents on the road, but they are most often the result of one or more of these errors:

  • Speed: The most common cause of accidents is the lack of time for drivers to react.
  • Distracted driving: Drivers can be distracted by the constant noises surrounding them, such as the GPS or the children in the rear. Distractions can be caused by any factor that makes a driver look away.
  • Reckless behavior: This is characterized by a total disregard for safety and can be one of the most hazardous causes a victim may encounter.
  • Substance abuse: Some people do not abstain from driving after drinking, using drugs, or taking prescriptions that alter the mind.
  • Physical impairments: Accidents are caused by various factors, from poor vision to migraines that can blind you.
  • Weather in Florida: The skies can instantly change from clear to stormy and black. This can lead to a vehicle losing control.
  • Road dangers: One piece of broken glass on the street can cause a vehicle to skid into another.

Jenkins Law car accident attorney in Oldsmar is well-versed in these causes. They can provide more information on how each will impact your case. If one or more negligent acts were a factor in your accident, you’d be encouraged to submit a claim.

Why You Should File a Car Accident Claim

Some may think that seeking legal advice is a drastic step, but they should consider the consequences if they don’t. Most people who file a claim for a car accident do so to determine the full extent of their mounting expenses. Insurance companies are unlikely to take into account a claimant’s entire history (indeed, not the way that a court would).

Financial compensation is not the only reason for filing a claim. This is especially true if the driver who hit the victim had a dangerous driving record. What is the actual cost of continuing to allow someone with poor vision to drive? Victims can save future lives and prevent injuries by taking action against those responsible for their wrongs.

Taking your case to court may be necessary to make the person at fault accountable. Although no driver can be expected to be flawless, some have made too many mistakes to continue to make the same bad judgment.

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Factors That Affect Car Accident Claims

Jenkins Law courts evaluate car accident claims based on the details of their claim.

Several factors can affect the outcome of a claim for a car accident.

  • Injury/wrongful Death: Personal injury laws significantly consider claims involving severe injuries or wrongful deaths.
  • Comparative neglect: Florida requires all drivers to adhere to comparative negligence. This term describes a percentage of fault based on an accident’s circumstances. (For instance, one driver might have been 90% at fault and the other driver 10%.)
  • Statute of Limitations: If it took you several years to feel the effects of an accident or if your insurance company refused to respond to your request after many back-and-forth conversations, you still have four years after the incident to file a lawsuit.
  • Stage of life: if the accident prevents you from meeting essential milestones, such as advancing in your career or having children, then you will not be able to meet these. The courts will examine the accident’s impact on your life trajectory.
  • Claim types: A car accident claim can be filed under either personal injury or property damages. It is usually easier to prove the latter in court because it is based on financial losses.

Jenkins Law car accident attorneys can provide more information about these factors, including the details and exceptions. There may be ways to bring a lawsuit even after the statute of limitations has expired.

What Compensation Can You Expect?

Compensation in Jenkins Law for car accidents can be unpredictable due to the subjective nature of damages. You can claim pain and suffering compensation if you have suffered physical injuries.

This will compensate you for any mental distress and anxiety you experienced after the accident. Because not everyone will see the same thing in the same way, the amount you receive can vary.

It is one of many reasons a professional lawyer can be helpful in the claims process. They know how to tell your story in a way that the judge can understand the full extent of the incident.

The accident victims who suffered the most damage will receive the highest compensation. A young personal training who suffered a severe disability will be compensated more than someone who is retired.


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You can file a claim without an attorney in Jenkins Law. It is essential to understand the risks involved before filing a claim. It can be challenging to navigate the Florida court system, especially when dealing with a physical injury or grief over a loved one’s death.

James S. Jenkins III may give you more control and confidence to face the situation head-on. We will provide the advice you need when you call us to help you file your claim. Call us to set up a free claim consultation.


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