Naples Insurance Claim Attorneys


Naples Insurance Claim Attorneys

Naples Insurance Claim Attorneys

Insurance policies are an essential part of protecting your property and possessions across Florida. Living on the sugar sand beaches of Naples this is no different. Naples is a great place to buy and live in Florida. From the amazing fishing and beaches to the landmark staple of Naples, and its picturesque pier, there is a never-ending list of things to do and see when living in Naples! However, it’s essential to secure and insure your property if you live in this area; just like the rest of Florida, Naples is especially prone to many damage-causing factors. From the long hurricane season to the more sporadic, but damaging hail and wildfire events, Florida is a dangerous place, and insurance policies come with the territory. A proper firm of Naples insurance claim attorneys is crucial to help you navigate the complexities of these policies.

Unfortunately, insurance companies are aware of all this information as well, and they certainly do not sleep on it. Insurance companies have many strategies they use at cutting costs and improving their profit margin. Most of these strategies revolve around finding ways to avoid paying out compensation to their clients. They use these strategies against “loyal, valuable customers”, trying to take their deserved money away while using marketing motto’s that display positive messages. When you pay for an insurance policy, you should receive 100% of the benefits. An insurance company that is intentionally aiming to underpay, deny, or delay your compensation may be acting in bad faith. An experienced law firm can use this information to fight the case! At Jenkins Law P.L., we aim to be that experienced law firm. We have years of combined experience fighting insurance companies. And also we are able to leverage it to your advantage so that you can receive the maximum payout possible!

There are a few common categories of damage in which we have extensive experience handling cases. One such cause is wind-related insurance claims are one of these areas!

Wind-related Insurance Claims

Floridians are no stranger to wind-related storm damage. If you spend 1-2 years in Florida, you’ll undoubtedly run into a hurricane situation. Hurricane seasons are an ever-present worry for property owners all over Florida, commercial and residential. From June to November, Floridians are in a constant state of worry and anxiety over when the next storm will appear.  And, if a storm does track over the state, that worry turns into full-blown panic. Dealing with these life-altering storms is stressful enough, and insurance companies only add to the load with their constant games over insurance claim payouts. 

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When dealing with a life-altering situation, the last thing a family needs is a constant back and forth fight. Like how much compensation should be rewarded for their case. Jenkins Law P.L. has extensive experience fighting the insurance companies on Florida hurricane claims. Because insurance companies have proven strategies to pay less on your claim, you need a law firm that is experienced in dealing with their tactics. Contact us with any questions related to property damage insurance claims!

Hurricane season is quickly ramping up in Florida.  Simply trusting that an insurance policy will payout is not a viable strategy anymore. You just must have an experienced firm behind your back that is willing to fight tooth and nail for your compensation, contact us today!