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When a person is convicted of a crime in Florida, whether a DUI, theft, or another offense entirely, he or she will face certain repercussions. These consequences of conviction typically include fines, revocation of certain rights, such as the ability to drive, incarceration, and probation. According to Florida law, Statute 948.03, probation is a type of supervision overseen by a probation or parole officer that imposes certain restrictions on a person. These restrictions can include wearing an ankle bracelet, no consumption of alcohol or use of drugs, restricted travel, prevention of owning or using a firearm, and random drug and alcohol testing, among others. Unfortunately, because of the many requirements of probation, there are numerous ways in which a violation of probation can occur. You may want to consider working with a violation of probation attorney near you.

Probation and Community Control

Probation is typically imposed on a person after they are released from jail or instead of enforcing jail time. According to Florida’s criminal law, a person can be given one of two types of probation: probation or community control.

Probation is the less restrictive of the two forms, imposing many restrictions on a person, but typically allowing them to travel away from their home. The terms of a person’s probation will vary depending on their charge and their circumstances.

On the other hand, community control, which is more commonly known as house arrest, is much more restrictive, limiting a person to their home and scheduled leaves. Under community control, a person will usually be tracked by a GPS and meet weekly with a Community Control Officer.

Legal Help with Violation of Probation

When a person is accused of violation of probation, he or she might need legal help for several legal issues, including:

  • Violation of Community Control
  • Violation of Probation
  • Bond Hearing

Depending on the circumstances of the violation of probation charge, such as whether a new crime was committed or a person simply committed a technical violation, the repercussions of this offense can be serious. As such, having Jenkins Law on your side when facing a violation of probation can be critically important. With the support of Jim Jenkins, you can rest assured that your rights and freedoms are in the hands of someone dedicated to fighting for you. Call today to schedule a free consultation to learn your rights and options.

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