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Under Florida law anyone who is believed to have committed a sexual offense against another person or the general public will be charged with a sex crime, ranging from prostitution to sexual abuse and child pornography. While these crimes are treated fairly harsh due to people’s own strict views on such offenses, those sex crimes believed to have been committed against minors or the elderly are typically considered the most severe and punished accordingly. Thus, anyone in Florida charged with a sex-related crime should consider seeking the help of a sex crime attorney, as this may be the best chance they have of avoiding conviction.

Common Sex Crimes in Florida

As a sex crime attorney will explain, there is a variety of crimes in Florida that fall under the broad category of sex crimes. These include:

  • Indecent Exposure and Lewdness – the performance of lascivious or unnatural activities with another person, and the exposure of sexual organs in a public place or private premises.
  • Child Pornography – engaging in creating or watching sexual acts involving children
  • Rape / Sexual Battery – forcing sexual acts upon a person without their consent or upon someone who is unable to adequately provide consent.
  • Sexual Harassment – unwanted physical or verbal sexual acts forced upon someone else
  • Prostitution – charges related to the selling of sexual acts
  • Internet Sex Crimes – charges related to sexual crimes, such as sexual harassment of minors, on the internet
  • Child Molestation – inappropriate touching of children and performance of sexual acts on a child

When convicted of these crimes, a person could find themselves facing life-altering penalties, such as multiple years of imprisonment, registration on a sex offender list, thousands of dollars in fines, probation, and revocation of drivers’ license, among others. As such, enlisting the support of a sex crime attorney who is well-versed in Florida’s criminal laws and experienced handling sex offenses can be critical.

How a Sex Crimes Attorney Can Help You

The help of a sex crime attorney can be invaluable when facing any sex-related criminal offense. Not only can a sex crime attorney thoroughly investigate your charge and the arrest, but the attorney can also utilize their knowledge, skills, and experience to craft a defense that is honed specifically for your case. In this manner, a sex crime attorney like Jim Jenkins may be able to help you avoid conviction or get your charge reduced.

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