Insurance Company Underpaid Your Hurricane Claim


Insurance Company Underpaid Your Hurricane Claim

Insurance Company Underpaid Your Hurricane ClaimAfter any type of major weather event or natural disaster, it’s likely that you will need to file a claim with your property insurance company to pay for the damages. If you have homeowners insurance, it’s likely that you’ve paid into it for so many years with the expectation that after a hurricane. your insurance company would provide you with repair costs that will bring your property back to its original condition. Unfortunately, what many homeowners discover after a disaster is that property owners insurance companies will not always live up to these expectations.

After a natural disaster, an insurance adjuster will be sent out to the location to perform an initial inspection. The adjuster will typically tell a homeowner that everything will be taken care of and then a settlement offer will be sent in the mail several weeks after the adjuster shows up. What many homeowners in Florida discover about their claims is that, if the insurance company does send a check, it is significantly lower than the cost to return their home to its original condition. Here are some of the reasons your property insurance underpays for your hurricane claim.

Pre-existing Damage Defenses

One of the first reasons that a property insurance company will deny or underpay a claim is when they deny a large portion of your damages due to a lack of maintenance or prior damages on the property. Insurance companies may try to prove that some of the damage that was caused by the storm, was actually a result of your lack of maintenance or a result of damage which existed prior to the weather event. Damages which your insurance company tries to exclude should often be covered.  If this happens, you should contact an insurance attorney to get the fair compensation you deserve.

Undervaluing Your Property Damages

If an insurance company cannot deny your claim, it’s possible that they will undervalue the overall cost of repairing the damage. Insurance companies often try to pay the bare minimum and limit the overall scope of your repair issue. Minimizing the valuation of damage for your claim ensures that they can pay for the absolute cheapest cost of replacement.

A Large Hurricane Deductible

When your property incurs damage as a result of a hurricane, your payout may be subject to a hurricane deductible. If your typical deductible payment is around $1000, you might be surprised to find a much larger deductible is required under specific events like hurricanes or tropical storms. You should review your insurance policy with your insurance agent or an insurance to attorney to ensure you understand your hurricane deductible, as you may be able to lower it.

Working with an experienced lawyer can help you if you are having difficulty with your insurance company and accessing compensation after a hurricane.  Without the help of an experienced lawyer or professional, you could get a denied or severely undervalued property claim. Contact our office today, and we can begin building a case for you.