Insurance Claims Attorney in Miami


Insurance Claims Attorney in Miami

Insurance Claims Attorney in MiamiMiami is an innovative, culturally diverse, and enterprising city in Florida. It’s a no-brainer that so many people are moving here to do business or to relax and unwind. With so much variety, there’s something for everyone here! However, it’s not always sunny in Miami. The city and surrounding Southeast Florida is extremely susceptible to the Atlantic hurricane season. Yearly, from June through the end of November, Miami residents brace themselves for the potential of a catastrophic hurricane event. Tropical cyclones pose many risks to the property of Miami homeowners, and many purchase insurance to protect themselves from that worst-case scenario. Unfortunately, insurance companies have been playing their games for a long time, they know the ins and outs of the business, and they know how to circumnavigate various issues. Insurance companies frequently underpay, deny, and delay payouts to deserving policyholders to increase their profits. This is why it is often beneficial to work with an insurance claims attorney in Miami.

Insurance companies routinely deny claims. Some of these companies only investigate claims if the policyholder takes it into their own hands and decides to take legal action. Some companies utilize a strategy of routinely underpaying claims. Instead of completely rejecting your claim, they’ll give you a payout well under what you deserve. They do this knowing that you are uninformed and will not press them. Our law firm at Jenkins Law P.L. knows exactly how this game is played, and we know how to win your claim!

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Jenkins Law P.L. has experience handling insurance claims throughout the state of Florida. We’ve seen just about every insurance claim situation in the book. From dry weather-driven wildfires tearing down homes within minutes to hurricane-force winds ripping roofs off, Florida weather patterns can often cause significant damage to your home. Chances are if an insurance company is giving you the run around, we have seen it done before. Let us fight these insurance giants for you and claim the compensation you deserve.

No two insurance claim cases are the same. While there are similarities between cases, firms still must take the time to analyze each individual case in its entirety. To facilitate this process, you need to work with a communicative and responsive law firm. Jenkins Law P.L. is one such firm! We pride ourselves on our effective and open communication.  A good attorney is an attorney that is easy to reach. Whether you have questions about your case, insurance claims, or the insurance company, we are here to help.

Feel free to contact us today if you have any questions related to a potential insurance claim case. We have delivered spectacular results and have helped hundreds of clients access the compensation that they deserve from their insurance companies. Do not let the insurance companies jerk you around and force you to play their games.  Call us at Jenkins Law P.L. so we can ensure the optimal result for your insurance claim case today!