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Hurricane Idalia: Recovering From The Storm


As a team of experienced insurance claim lawyers in Florida, we have seen the damage that storms and hurricanes can cause. From roof, window, and water damage to structural damage and black mold resulting from flooding, your home or commercial property can take quite a beating during severe weather events. 

The state of Florida continues to dry out after the devastating floods caused by Hurricane Idalia in late August. Today we’re looking at the sheer damage the hurricane caused, how Florida communities were affected, and what you can do if your home or business became one of Idalia’s victims. 

Hurricane Idalia’s wicked ways

In late August, Hurricane Idalia made landfall on Florida’s west coast as a catastrophic Category 3 storm, unleashing life-threatening storm surge and rainfall. Hurricane Idalia hammered ashore at Keaton Beach in Florida’s Big Bend region, with intense winds of around 125 mph. Neighborhoods were flooded and power outages were widespread. Strong winds snapped trees and brought down power lines. Along the coast, some homes were submerged near their rooftops.

In St. Petersburg, there was severe flooding in Shore Acres, devastating many. Municipal officials said that at least 75 people were rescued from floodwaters in St. Pete. The town of Perry in Taylor County was also badly affected. 

During a conference, Governor Ron DeSantis urged residents in vulnerable, low-lying areas to heed evacuation orders and move to higher ground “Don’t put your life at risk by doing anything dumb at this point. This thing’s powerful. If you’re inside, just hunker down until it gets past you.”

The City of Clearwater posted “For those who have chosen to remain on the beaches despite the mandatory evacuation order, please restrict your water and toilet usage.”

After Hurricane Idalia thrashed Florida it then weakened and turned its wicked ways against Georgia, with heavy rain and winds.

Although  Hurricane Idalia caused significant damage, experts say that it could have been worse if not for the storm’s evolution before landfall and lucky timing with the tides.

Authorities are working hard to assess the full extent of damage in the areas that are the hardest hit.

What to do if your home is affected

After the devastation of Hurricane Idalia, Tampa Bay is struggling with eroded beaches and flooded homes. Only time will tell what the true cost of this severe hurricane will be to homes and businesses. 

With hurricane season 2023 still in play, let’s all stay informed and stay safe. And as a community, let’s help each other out. 

If your home or business was damaged in the winds or floods of Hurricane Idalia, remember these steps:

  1. Inspect your home for hurricane damage, paying attention to the roof as well as water damage inside the home, and mold growth. 
  2. Gather medical paperwork related to any personal injury. Document all damage to your home or commercial property with photos.
  3. Inspect your insurance policy and report all property damage to your insurance company.
  4. Reach out to an insurance claim lawyer for help to maximize and resolve your claim. 

Your lifeboat in the flood

If your home or business was flooded by Hurricane Idalia, no doubt you’re feeling completely at sea. There may be extensive damage caused and so much paperwork to sort through to get the compensation you need. 

Thankfully, we can help. Together, we can rebuild and recover, helping you to get back on your feet with compensation.

At Jenkins Law PL, we are experienced in battling insurance companies to resolve insurance claims with excellent results for our deserving clients. We won’t allow an Insurance company to squirm out of their responsibilities. 

Let’s work together. Let’s get started.