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Tie One On for Safety This Holiday Season


Mothers Against Drunk Driving (MADD) is encouraging cyclists and drivers to do something a little bit special this holiday season, and we think it deserves a shout-out. The #TieOneOnFor Safety campaign encourages cyclists and drivers to tie a red ribbon to their bicycle or vehicle to show the world that they support the promise to always drive sober. 

When it comes to keeping the roads safe for cyclists, anything that promotes safety is a winner in our eyes. Unfortunately, the Sunshine State is a deadly state for cyclists, and we hear about crashes that lead to serious injury and tragic deaths all too often.

Red ribbons

Watch out for red ribbons this month. MADD has partnered with stores and cycle clubs all over Florida, and they’re distributing the ribbons – all for free – to cyclists

The expression ‘tie one on’ is slang for drinking alcohol, so we think the #TieOneOnForSafety campaign is a clever way of raising awareness of the importance of driving sober and safely. 

The National Safety Council tweeted “For over 35 years @MADDOnline dedicated driver public awareness campaign #TieOneOnForSafety has been working to promote #RoadSafety. Let’s make sure to have a designated, unimpaired driver or public transportation this holiday season.”

The danger of Florida roads

The statistics are sobering. In Florida last year, there were 6,403 crashes involving a cyclist, and these crashes resulted in 195 fatalities and 5,985 serious injuries. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) figures prove that the most dangerous period to travel on Florida roads falls between Thanksgiving Eve and New Year’s Day, making the holidays a treacherous time. This is because there’s an increase in cars on the road and also an increase in the number of people driving drunk. Their figures also show a 7% increase in alcohol-related crashes this year. 

The MADD campaign reminds us that drinking and driving lead to 32 deaths a day, which is one person every 45 minutes. 

Shining a light for those we lost

The holidays can be a painful time for anyone whose loved one was the victim of a fatal traffic accident. Members of MADD recently held a candlelight vigil recently to honor those they have lost.

One member of MADD is Barbara Dartez, who lost her 24-year-old grandson Ryan Vezinot when he was hit by a drunk driver in 2008 as he crossed the road after he attended a college football game.  She told 7 KPLC News about her devastating loss, “You lose a child. A child is part of you. You know, so the ache is there constantly, and you just have to live with it.” 

Barbara has dedicated herself to MADD campaigns, standing up to drunk drivers, and supporting tougher penalties. She told American Press “Behind every drunk and drugged driving statistic is a person whose life was full of family and friends, love and life, joy and laughter.”

Wishing you a safe holiday

At Jenkins Law P.L we want to share the message that drinking and driving never mix. Deaths due to drunk drivers are 100% preventable. Nobody should lose their life because of the selfish act of another. Let’s work together to make the holidays safer for our community and our families. 

We have helped so many people whose lives have been devastated by drunk drivers and we have worked with them to help them gain the compensation that they need to put the pieces back together. 

Our law firm offers a personal service and our team specializes in personal injury. If you need someone strong to fight for you, we’ll be there. Let’s talk.