Celebrating Friendship


Did you know that July 30 was International Friendship day? How did you celebrate?

At Jenkins Law PL, they know that friendship is the most important thing that anyone can have, and they spent International Friendship Day doing what they do best: using their law expertise to benefit the people of the St Petersburg community, both inside and outside the courtroom.

They say that true friendship lasts a lifetime. If life is like a train, friends are getting on and off at different stations throughout the ride. Some stay for the entire journey. That’s true for Jenkin’s law founders Jim and Kelly-Ann. 

Now, you may not know this, but Jim Jenkins and Kelly-Ann Jenkins go way back. No, no, even further than that. Think as far back as the good old college days. In fact, these college sweethearts both studied at Furman and Stetson University. Little did they know, as they crossed the college campus, that their friendship would lead to a partnership that would mean so much.

In 2013, Jenkins Law PL began, and since then, the team has grown from strength to strength. They’re all working for the same goal, and are there for each other on the good days and the tough days.

Of course, fun is an important friendship ingredient. Friends who play together stay together, and power couple Jim and Kelly-Ann know how to have a good time. Now, when they’re not winning legal battles, they’re paddleboarding, running triathlons, sampling wines in Bordeaux, hiking in New Zealand, volunteering in dog shelters, or rubbing shoulder with actors in Norway. Rainbros charity is close to their hearts, and they know how to live it up at Pride Fest. Travel is something these lifelong best friends love to do – it’s all about new friends, new places, and new experiences.  

Circle of friends

The team at Jenkins Law PL is known as approachable, genuine, and friendly. It’s no secret that they’re great at what they do. They listen and find the best way forward, together. That’s why the Jenkins Law friendship circle is growing. You see, when you help a member of the community, they tell a friend, recommend you to a family member, or write a glowing testimonial. Here’s the thing: friends want other friends to succeed. 

You’ve got a friend

We all need good friends. Let’s face it: life is a rollercoaster, and a true friend is there for both the ups and downs. When life throws you a curveball, you might just need a friend in your corner. 

Let’s be honest: no-one wants to speak to a lawyer. But we all hit those lows and need someone we can trust. Maybe it’s a personal injury, storm damage, or a house fire. The team at Jenkins Law can alleviate the fear and uncertainty following a loss, arrest, or accident. They’re on hand with comfort, protection, and guidance. And they’re not afraid to bring out the big guns when they’re needed.

So, here’s to friendship. Where would we be without it? And when you need a helping hand, just call. After all, isn’t that what friends are for?